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    Battle.net Gift Card 20€ bg

    Get Battle.net Gift Card 20€ absolutely for free!

    Battle.net Gift Card 20€ bg

    Battle.net Gift Card 20€

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    To 24 hours

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    11599 Soul Gems

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    Gift cards


    Blizzard gift card worth 20€.A very frequent question from the players is: can I top up my Blizzard account with a paysafecard? Sadly, the answers is no, but Blizzard offers us an alternative by proposing their own gift cards. It allows us (just as the psc) to top up our balance without any external card.
    After receiving this reward, you have to use the code and top up your or your friend's Blizzard balance. The funds can be used for digital items, services or Blizzard games.

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