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    AWP | Hyper Beast bg

    Get AWP | Hyper Beast absolutely for free!

    AWP | Hyper Beast bg

    AWP | Hyper Beast

    CS:GO Skins

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    To 24 hours

    The value of the prize

    Do you want to save Soul Gems?

    You can get this reward in different ways! Try your luck in chests.


    CS:GO Skins


    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the next part of the game series Counter-Strike. AWP is a powerful sniper rifle that makes its victim an instant hit. However, it is worth noting that this weapon is very loud and you can not move when firing. This means that you will have to attack and retreat in the same place. The rifle was painted with a pattern of bright colors and a variety of details. Exchange your Soul Gems for the AWP Hyper Beast. AWP | Hyper Beast is a well-known skin in the world of CS:GO, which is often called "Dream Weapon". The skin itself is based on an actual weapon, but it has been modified to resemble a game character. It has a pink color with purple details and stickers. Exchange your Soul Gems for this rare gun.

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