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    AUG | Fleet Flock bg

    Get AUG | Fleet Flock absolutely for free!

    AUG | Fleet Flock bg

    AUG | Fleet Flock

    CS:GO Skins

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    CS:GO Skins


    The latest version of the series - Counter-Strike: Global Offensive significantly contributed to the development of modern e-sport. One of the most recognizable rifles in the world is the AUG. It is a powerful and reliable automatic rifle of Austrian construction. This one was painted with spray paint, using cardboard and grid as a template. Exchange your Soul Gems for the AUG Fleet Flock. AUG | Fleet Flock is an exclusive weapon for CS:GO. The AUG is a bullpup fully automatic rifle. This weapon has a high level of fire accuracy and low power consumption. It works best when shooting at close ranges. The weapon was decorated with hydrographics and embossed leather elements. Exchange your Soul Gems for the AUG | Fleet Flock.