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    Amnesia Collection is an award consisting of two games - Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs and Amnesia: Dark Insanity. They are not connected with each other, they tell two separate stories. The first mentioned title describes the story of an entrepreneur who fell ill during an expedition to exotic corners of the world. Once upon a time he had a nightmare, and after waking up he discovered that he was alone at home. He had a feeling that his children were in danger, so he immediately began searching. The second title is about the adventures of Daniel, who was affected by amnesia. He wakes up in the dark building of the castle and his task is to uncover secrets from the past, as well as deal with the current problem. Both games are very atmospheric and can be classified as survival horrors.

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    Amnesia Collection is a unique award that includes a set of two games - Amnesia: Dark Madness and Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs.

    Both titles are independent of each other. Dark Madness tells about the vicissitudes of Daniel, who was affected by amnesia. He wakes up once in an abandoned castle and discovers that something bad is happening there. The player must deal with the problem, as well as uncover secrets from the hero's past.

    In turn, A Machine for Pigs shows the fate of Oswald Mandus. He fell ill during a trip to exotic regions of the world. Once he has a disturbing dream and discovers that he is alone at home. He has a strong feeling that his children are in danger and immediately begins the search for them.

    Both titles belong to the survival horror genre and are very atmospheric. If you want to find out for yourself and feel the thrill - exchange your Soul Gems for the Amnesia Collection now!