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    670 Riot Points EUNE bg

    Get 670 Riot Points EUNE absolutely for free!

    670 Riot Points EUNE bg

    670 Riot Points EUNE

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    To 31 days

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    Game recharges


    We are witches and we want to create a friendly place for everyone. We also want to meet different user’s needs and wishes, which is why we allow them to earn various rewards on our website. The reward you see is 670 Riot Points, having a value of PLN 22.5. These are premium points which you can use in League of Legends, exchanging them for skins, amplifiers and more! If you need only 670 points to buy your dream accessory, you are saved thanks to us! Get Riot Points quickly by exchanging your Soul Gems for the prize!

    You don't know, how to activate the reward? Check it out Activation guide.