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    60 Seconds! is a game that combines elements of survival, strategy and RPG in an interesting way. It was developed by the ambitious Polish studio Robot Gentleman. The main character is Ted - the head of a typical American family. We take on his role. The actual gameplay begins when the government sirens start howling which means the apocalypse is approaching. Ted must lead his family to the shelter within a minute, as well as find some objects in the house that will allow everyone to survive. Check it for yourself!

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    60 Seconds! is a combination of survival, RPG and strategy. The title was developed by the Polish studio Robot Gentleman. The player takes the role of the head of the family named Ted.

    At some point, we can hear the disturbing signal of the siren, which heralds the arrival of the apocalypse. The player's tasks include bringing the family to a shelter, as well as quickly collecting the necessary survival items. You have to think quickly and logically - the survival of your family depends on it!

    The 60 Seconds! award PC GLOBAL is a computer game that can be obtained by exchanging Soul Gems.