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    My Free Zoo is a browser game in which the player has to build a zoo from scratch. In addition to providing care for animals, the zoo can be expanded by adding new animals and building new enclosures. The game offers micropayments, so you can buy Diamonds to unlock subsequent levels of the game. If you want to get 49 Diamonds for free, exchange your Soul Gems for the prize. My Free Zoo is a popular free zoo game in which you have to take care of various animals. You can earn Diamonds - virtual currency that allows you not only to buy new items in the game, but also to hire managers for your zoo, buy decorations or to speed up production. You can get 49 Diamonds absolutely free by exchanging your Soul Gems for this prize! My Free Zoo is a browser game created by Silvergames.com. It is a strategy game about managing and developing a zoo. The game offers over 50 animal species and dozens of buildings and decorations. The player can create his own zoo and fill it with different animals, including elephants, hippopotamus, camels, bears, penguins and many more. He can also place various buildings, from the simple ones to the most advanced ones. In addition to that, he can also hire employees - from the maintenance staff to the zoologists. In order to develop your zoo you need money – a virtual currency called Diamonds. Exchange Soul Gems for 49 Diamonds now!