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    1500 Smoczych Łusek w Margonem bg

    Get 1500 Draconite in Margonem absolutely for free!

    Margonem is a Polish fantasy MMORPG production. It allows you to play the role of an adventurer in a world destroyed by the War of Mages. This magic currency that allows you to use additional options in the game is Dragon Scales. Thanks to it, we can, for example, change the appearance of our character, lower and improve the requirements, change our profession, and even exchange them for Dragon Stones, thanks to which we will be able to teleport, buy helmets, armor, necklaces, rings and arrows.

    1500 Draconite in Margonem bg

    1500 Draconite in Margonem

    Game recharges

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    To 31 days

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    Game recharges


    The Gamehag website tries to take care of its users. For being with us, we offer you 1,500 Dragon Scales which you can get in a simple way - just exchange the Soul Gems for this award!

    Margonem is a Polish MMORPG. The player becomes an adventurer in a fantasy world that has been ravaged by the War of Mages.

    Dragon Scales are a currency that allows you to use additional options in the game. Thanks to them you can, for example, buy Dragon Stones, which are used for teleporting, change your profession and give your character an individual look