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    Embedded in the world known from Titanfall, Apex Legends is a FPS game that has been breaking records of popularity in the last few months. The game was created in the battle royale system and is available as a free-to-play multiplayer co-op game. We play the role of one of the legendary heroes fighting at the arena in a war-torn world. The game provides entertainment for many hours. To slightly spice the gameplay up, you can buy various cosmetic add-ons such as skins. Apex Coins - the in-game currency - are necessary for the purchases. If you want to get Apex Coins, you can exchange your Soul Gems for the prize. 1000 Apex Coins are waiting for you!

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    1000 Apex Coins

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    If you love the universe known from Titanfall and you could not get enough of these games, you will definitely like the game called Apex Legends. This is a free FPS in the battle royale system. Apex Legends is set in a war-torn, futuristic world. It is a spin-off of Titanfall games series. In this title, we play as one of the heroes called Legends. To spice up the gameplay, we can buy skins and other cosmetic accessories for our hero. Do you want to earn 1000 Apex Coins for which you can make purchases in the game? Exchange your Soul Gems for a free top-up worth one thousand Apex Coins.