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    1 year ago


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    Commented subject World of warships.
    1 year ago

    Right now it seems like in random battles sitting back, being excessively safe, and lots of you going to one point seem to work far to often.

    In an actual ranked game these strategies are very simple to counter. If the enemy team wants to hold back, you just cap all, or 2 of the caps and force them to come to you, or lose on points.

    In random though getting your entire team to do that is next to impossible, and even if you call them to do it the odds are at least 3 guys will charge at the enemy, get defeated 9 vs 3. Then leave you in a bad position when they do actually push in.

    In games without co-ordination sitting back just feels to rewarding, and i think it would be good if there was some mechanic to try and increase aggression in random games


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