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    The Escape

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    The Escape is a challenging online co-op strategy game where players work together to compete a series a task and go head-to-head in our game modes known as Hide and Seek and The Escape.

    If you like to take life on the creative edge; we are working on an in-game level editor with workshop capability so you can host and share your levels with your friends and other players around the world!

    The controls are simple and the game is designed for the user to be able to host or join a game within a few seconds.
    Worried about server issues? Don't worry, you can host lobbies from the comfort of your own home to match against your friends quickly and easily.

    Key Features
    4 Player Co-Op
    Private Lobby's
    Public Lobby's w/ Server Browser
    2 Official Levels made by our team
    2 Official Game modes for you to enjoy
    Steam Integrations
    Twitch Integration

    We plan on adding a lot more over the time such as new game modes, Level Editor w/ Workshop Integration, and much more!