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    Store Crasher

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    Klucze do gier


    Run through various stores as an angry customer smashing boxes and other products while avoiding workers as long as you can! Unlock new levels and cosmetic upgrades by causing as much damage as possible.

    - 5 cosmetic upgrades to upgrade your looks
    - 4 Unique levels to explore and destroy
    - 5 Different weapons to find and use
    - More everything coming soon!

    "Clean up on isle 5" - An Employee

    If you have ever worked in retail your worst nightmare is some pesky customer coming in and ruining your perfectly straightened shelves, well now is your chance to be that pesky customer and even be rewarded for it! In every level you can find each of the 4 weapons and your goal is to cause as much damage as possible before, either being taken out by the endless waves of relentless workers or make your escape in the exit car. You can then use the money gained from causeing damage to purchase new looks for each of the 4 weapons!