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    Dark Old Sun bg

    Zdobądź Dark Old Sun zupełnie za darmo!

    Dark Old Sun bg

    Dark Old Sun

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    Klucze do gier


    Dark Old Sun is a shoot'em up, with focus on choice and progressiveness, so you can choose between a wide selection of weapons, and upgrade them becoming way more powerfull as you play.

    Different stages with new ideas each, so it will not get repetitive.
    Having 3 levels of difficulty, for beginners on shoot'em ups to hardcore skilled players.
    Epic multi-phase boss battles with enormous focus in challenge and variety, making boss fights a real deal, and almost as important as the level itself.

    For those who dont like to play with the new leveling system, can play in the classic way, where upgrades will be get automatically.

    Different modes to play:
    Arcade/Story mode - Play the full story, with 6 different stages designs, bringing new ideas, as you progress through leveling your weapons and abilities.
    Challenge mode - a variety of challenges with new ideas and gameplay that dont fit in the original story mode.
    Survival mode - Survive through random enemy waves, with new behaviors not seen in any other mode and special random events to spice up things.

    • 17 Different weapons and abilities.
    • More than 70 Upgrades.
    • 3 Difiiculty sets, with a Extreme mode where enemies get new abilities.
    • more than 50 enemy types, resulting in more than 200 variations with different behaviors and attacks.
    • 360 degrees aim (Free AIM).
    • 3 Game modes.
    • 6 stages in story mode.
    • 12 unique challenges.
    • Controller support (Xinput).
    • Steam Cloud and achievements. (Steam cards soon)

    As earth and humanity get its darkest days with energy shortage, a small dark star but really bright at the same time, appears close enough to Earth.

    Humanity get to harvest that star energy saving all human kind.
    Meanwhile a man get the hands in a extremely powerfull spaceship, the VoidWalker. what motives he have? what his objective?