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    Burgerwise the Clown bg

    Zdobądź Burgerwise the Clown zupełnie za darmo!

    Burgerwise the Clown bg

    Burgerwise the Clown

    Klucze do gier

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    Do 31 dni


    Klucze do gier


    Burgerwise is a hard working clown. He spends his days spreading horror and terror everywhere he can, smashing up puppies and dragging their little bodies back to his home to run his heater for the coven of clowns he's shacked up with. He has a few roommates he could do without though; the Taffy Maker and his annoying hat. That guy who runs the heater is creepy. The random cloud guy with his dumb mustache. And that robot clown they tried making and then tried flushing down the pipes because he was so friggin annoying. But he's friends with the other clowns. Mostly. He hates when they touch his burgers though. Hates it so much he could just...smash them up. Smash them into a million pieces with his hammy ham.

    But he can't do that. People would frown on him for that.

    One day though, after a stint of puppy smashing, he comes home to find his clown friends dead, weird half-painted monsters roaming around, and someone has gotten into his BURGERS! Just as he's about to destroy every last one of those monsters, a light bulb goes off. A wondrous idea pops into his head. He could kill the others. The Taffy Maker and Cloud guy and all of them! The cops wouldn't question him then...it's so genius, so perfectly diabolical! And he could take their stuff too!

    And then he'll find out who broke in. And probably smash them too.


    Burgerwise the Clown is a mini metroidvania sidescroller.

    There Are Five Bosses In total.

    Four upgrades including double jump, dash, water breathing, and a nice revolver.

    Find all the dead clowns, smash them up and eat their hearts to gain more health.