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    Rate this article "Worth it or not? Deltarune Chapter 1 "

    (4.17/5) 18 rates
    nerd_28, 18 november 2018 10:56

    Worth it or not? Deltarune Chapter 1

    More than three years ago a game that would soon take the whole Internet's attention was to be released.  The game was Undertale and it was perfect, it was what the internet needed in that time, something different, something where all your choices mattered, where the story was really shaped by how you played, and adding to that character development at it's peak and a world that was made to be the perfect vessel for this game.  Winning multiple game of the year awards and creating a fandom bigger than most can even think of. But such a game cannot have a sequel can it? Well yes and no, that's where Deltarune comes into play. But is it worth your time or not?

    Referencing one of his first games, a Halloween mod for Earthbound, after a rather interesting twitter campaign before Halloween that included obscuring the profile's name and posting cryptic messages TobyFox, developer, publisher, writer, composer and a bunch more on both games released it, free,  Deltarune came to light.

    Neither a sequel or a prequel Deltarune holds Undertale's spirit high, the humor is the same, the world is equally perfect and the characters are memorable even if only chapter 1 was released so far. Deltarune is an upgrade to Undertale in gameplay, and the story is so different it rhymes with the original and it shows TobyFox's genuine creativity and dedication.

    Music and Graphics
    The music is still a joy for the ears, TobyFox's style can be heard and the graphics can only be considerated an upgrade from Undertale, every pixel is at it's place and giving the most it can, especially in the new battle graphics, that show you, your part and your enemy this time, and in color as opposed to the black and white style choice of the predecessor. Overall the music and graphics can only be appreciated.

    The Gameplay
    The battle system is the main change to the gameplay, as most of the overworld exploration stays the same with a few additions. Having a party of three instead of being alone is a big game changer as we will only control one character and the others may or may not listen to or orders. The attacks are more interactive with the environment, the pacifist and violent approach stays the same and the decision is given to us, the actions to pacify enemies are more creative than ever, the exploration is awarded, and even if the chapter can be finished in a few hours there are some very tough fights

    The Story (Very mild spoilers)
    This game neither a sequel or a prequel according to TobyFox but the story is built in a way that seems to be connected to Undertale, fans started theorizing and theorizing more intensively than with Undertale it seems, even if having a few hour long chapter only. TobyFox inserted so many details, this story is based over the opposite concept of Undertale, choices don't matter, or at least you are told so. Your control over the game which in Undertale was even known by some characters here is limited, and it makes sense, a normal sequel to Undertale would not have even possibly be as good because the story is auto conclusive. Overall the story is enjoyable and everyone is looking forward to chapter 2.

    Worth it or not?
    Deltarune is the worthy successor to Undertale, TobyFox outdid himself, working on this game for years and starting even in parallel to Undertale. Even if seeing just the first chapter of we hope many to come. there are a few little flaws here and there but they are not impacting the game experience. The game is 99% worth it
    (I almost never give 100%, but this game came very close)

    Rate this article Worth it or not? Deltarune Chapter 1

    (4.17/5) 18 rates


    I hope Chapter 2 will come soon! I love Toby fox games

    13 february 2021 23:12

    First time i see this game but ...good article yes from me !!! nice pictures and everything ....

    4 march 2020 17:16

    Deltarune is a very good game i have tryied it for my self but i have never beaten jevel.

    14 january 2021 18:35

    Its Worth IT! OWO

    24 november 2019 19:14

    tôi don't like this game

    21 november 2018 09:24

    It's worth it! Also i can't wait for Chapter 2

    9 march 2019 14:28