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    (4.44/5) 147 rates
    Misty, 24 september 2019 05:42

    World of Warships - review

    If you liked the game "World of Tanks" or "World of Warplanes", you will certainly be interested in the next game in the series - "World of Warships".

    "World of Warships" is a network action game dedicated to the PC platform, enriched with elements of the MMO genre and simulation. These three titles share a common virtual currency and a common creator- the Wargaming studio.

    The big advantage of the game is the focus on online games and the lack of a classic scenario. Some may read it as a disadvantage, but thanks to this the game is unpredictable, because it depends on the skill and speed of reaction of different players. Sea battles, which are the basis of the game, gain a completely random course. This element of surprise makes the game really exciting!

    As for the vessels used, the authors did not stick to one specific historical period. The models that we have at our disposal come from 1900-1950, although we can see quite a strong concentration around vessels from World War II. I know that not all players like this and will treat it as a kind of inconsistency and underdevelopment. I prefer to think that thanks to this I have the most interesting models from quite a wide range of time at my disposal, which further enhances the attractiveness of the game. Available ships are miniatures from the navies of various countries: Great Britain, Germany, the Soviet Union, Japan and the United States. We can freely pick our collection, so nothing really prevents one team to include warships from different countries in its roster. The game is not a historical representation and does not aspire to it at all. It is inspired only by what the given navy had the most interesting in its resources.

    The game mechanics are created perfectly. Floating machines are fairly faithful, also in terms of strength and power. But at the same time the control is perfectly balanced and easy. A slight unpredictability associated with the fact that we are dealing with a floating machine is also present. It should be remembered, however, that we are dealing with huge ships which weigh hundreds of tons, which is why it takes time to master them. You have to practice a little before you can effectively control them.

    Although the game has a premium option, the big plus is that you don't have to pay to enjoy an interesting and unlimited gameplay. Payments will only speed up development a bit, which is why it pays to be patient. Everything can be reached by yourself.

    The great advantage of the game is the audiovisual setting. The gameplay is quite spectacular and impresses with the details. The ships are beautiful! Water has been developed in detail and works wonderfully and reacts to the course of our ships.

    "World of Warships" is not a dull game where you just need to launch missiles quickly. Here, geometric precision is needed to plan the action. Do not play too quickly. Every move should be thought over and even planned a little earlier. You have to take into account the time of maneuver and the direction of fire in relation to the enemy ship, speed and direction of its movement. All this makes the game not so easy and planning is extremely fun. Sometimes you have to shoot at spots where the enemy ship will appear in a few moments, as the shells need time to get where you want them to.

    An additional variety to the game is the fact that each class of the ship is played completely differently. Cruisers and battleships are closely related. Aircraft carriers, destroyers - each choice brings different emotions and a different way of fighting. For example, destroyers have guns, but their main advantage is agility, speed, smoke curtains and torpedoes carrying certain death to their enemies.

    I think "World of Warships" is a game worth looking into. The game can pull you in for hours. The game will appeal not only to navy fans, but also to all who simply like competing with other players.

    Rate this article World of Warships - review

    (4.44/5) 147 rates

    Play World of Warships

    World of Warships

    Become a Commander and plunge into global naval history!The World of Warships fleet features over 200 ships, dating back to the First and Second World Wars. Find out which warship type suits you best, and amass a navy of your own.Choose the flag you want to sail under. In WoWs, you can pick from the world's leading naval forces....

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    I also made an article about it, now waiting the results.

    30 april 2020 20:39

    u are bababoi

    14 february 2021 15:21

    thank you for this wonderful article! I think that this game is a masterpiece

    20 march 2020 20:17

    This game would make a really good use of a nicely done tutorial. Honestly it's the most frustrating thing not knowing about anything that's happening and having to go on youtube and search videos

    25 april 2020 20:44

    i like this game!

    17 april 2020 15:28

    I like this game and you have the best article in my opinion

    25 february 2020 06:17

    is a very good game i recomanded gameplay is very good

    30 april 2020 18:02

    nice article

    7 may 2020 11:58

    i like this game really, really good game

    21 march 2020 15:51

    a doubt ? I mean that you are given 4 boats and 4 extra spaces, if I investigate the boat that follows in the tech tree I buy it and give it a space, implies that at some point I will run out of spaces and I will have to vacate one? I still remember playing this game for the first time and kept getting rammed and torpedoed by teammates to death, not a good time but still a memory to be remembered.

    31 october 2019 16:22