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    Rate this article "World of Goo - Award Winning?"

    (4.84/5) 25 rates
    mixtape_maker, 29 january 2019 19:03

    World of Goo - Award Winning?

    The concept is very simple - all you need to do is build a construction from Goo balls and have enough Goo left for the suckers to collect to advance. The game is physics - based, pyramids, squares and other figures are fairly reliable, and they act accordingly to how heavy they are and how many pieces of goo have yet not been used. With each level, the structures you have to build are more and more complicated, and goo - more and more diverse: some can be immediately unhooked, others burn beautifully, some stick to walls, etc. Furthermore, the complexity of World of Goo balances on the thinnest edge, never reaching the point of “you're done for!”. Not really casual, but not hardcore either.

    Cramped into a narrow 800x600 resolution frame, World of Goo manages to impress. Of course, more so with style than technique. There isn't much to the story, but that's not what the game is about. The experience is complemented by awesome music; I can not believe that it was written not by a professional composer, but by a member of the game developer team 2D. They released the game in mid 2008, and it has since then came out on the Nintendo Switch, Mac OS, Wii, Windows, Linux and even on mobile phones. The game was nominated for the Seumas McNally Award, Design Innovation Award, and Technical Excellence at the IGF (Independat Games Festival) and has won other not-so-significant awards.

    The rules are simple: you build a contraption that gets you over to the suckers, or you lose. If you're having a hard time, you can click on one of the shiny flying bugs to go one step back, or you can start over. The more goo you have left over, the more gets sent to the "Corporation of Goo", according to the story. There are also other players, which you can see building in the background of the game as you are doing the same. That is there to remind you that while you might not see them, they are also playing and also going for the sky (the highscores). The records are satisfying to reach, and aren't that hard to achieve. I, myself have scored a few. The core is good, the game is comprehensible even for a three year old, the artstyle is also cool and the soundtrack is amazing. 
    The game, as you advance, gets far more complex, introducing new goo and new obstacles on the way.

    You will find yourself going from this ^

    to this ^

    The simplicity is what makes the game beautiful. A true example that a game does not need to be an "AAA" title or have 4k resolutions to become popular, all it needs is to be fun, and any game, like World of Goo, can the amazing feedback 2D's game has gotten. The game costs 9.99€ on Steam, and the Demo, which I highly recommend you to play, is free to play. The atmosphere, the variety of levels and the soundtrack makes it a game that you will always think good of when you remember your childhood (assuming you're not already an adult). The game can be described as cute, simple, increasingly difficult, puzzling, indie-styled, atmospheric to the end, and, of course, achingly fun. 

    My rating : 9.5/10 An absolute legend of a game.
    One of the games I still replay, the nostalgia is too strong with this one. \(^-^)/

    The developers have since then released another awesome game - "Little Inferno". I'm not going to say what I think of it yet, as I will be making an article about it tomorrow. :-D
    Psst! It's good!

    Rate this article World of Goo - Award Winning?

    (4.84/5) 25 rates


    good game and makes you use ur mind

    14 january 2021 09:57

    Dude, I love this game.

    31 january 2019 02:41

    Good one

    13 january 2020 17:02

    Nice article

    30 january 2019 12:13

    Great article, it would be better with proper paragraphs and indentations.

    31 january 2019 01:29

    I used to play this game some years ago. Very addicting

    11 may 2019 15:21

    I love this game

    11 may 2019 15:20

    I knoow this game :) i played this in 2016

    4 march 2019 16:35

    Well enough.

    29 january 2019 19:15

    nice article

    29 january 2019 20:16