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    (4.17/5) 6 rates
    ohhellmaw, 1 november 2018 05:18

    War Robots review

    Walking War Robots is an online mobile game from Pixonic with action packed fighting style that focuses strongly on the elements of online play. Launched iOS version last year, the game has made a strong impression on the community of gamers thanks to beautiful 3D graphics next to the gameplay of his peak. Walking War Robots has released the Android version.

       The game brings gamers to the future war scene, where humans will direct the more powerful fighting machines. The game offers a wide range of combat machines designed with a variety of combat capabilities that players can own. Walking War Robots' combat style will bring players to the vast battlegrounds where you will engage in 6v6 battles. The game is a bit of an A-RTS (Action Real-time Strategy) game where players have the task of occupying and protecting the gates from the enemy's hands. There will be 5 gates for all players on the same map, and the task of each team is to occupy the whole fortress or destroy all enemies on the other side of the line. 

       Making the first impression thanks to modern 3D graphics, Walking War Robots takes gamers to the distant future with the advancement of science and technology. Here, the game will give players a great robot war epic, beautiful but no less severe.Walking War Robots' character system is quite diverse, giving players 13 super-robots the unique strengths and weaknesses that come with many types of targets to destroy. In addition, the game also features the role-playing features such as equipment, upgrades, ... With more than 19 different weapons, players will be able to develop their own robot and increase the ability. support, speed, firepower.


    This walk-in-the-robots game looks simple, but actually requires computation, even teamwork, to win. Personality is very important, but it is only a small factor to make a victory for gamers. At the same time, you can manually upgrade your robot, installing new weapons. Each weapon possesses its own characteristics, great damage but slower replacement speed or smaller damage guns are more capable of carrying more ammunition and higher firing speed ... All are calculated. and the choice of each person.
       Gamers should pay close attention to choosing the right time to upgrade. If you spend a lot of gold, you can upgrade the robot from start to level while it does not serve any purpose. Gold is something that is hard to find in War Robots, so do not waste it on advice! With the gold you earn you need to save in order to upgrade weapons as well as robots and equipment. Try to be patient as your upgrade progresses. Use the gold to buy more robots in case the worst happens is you die and get out of the game.In order to earn gold, you only need to do the daily tasks and each time you complete the task you will receive a reward corresponding to the effort spent.The number of killers and leopards captured in a battle is very important. However, the damage points are worth getting more, and somehow, I believe your element level with damage points on the gold distribution from the win. You can only earn gold if your team wins!


       Overall, Walking War Robots is a fun action mobile game for gamers to explore. Futuristic, tactical gameplay brings a real battlefield atmosphere.

    Rate this article War Robots review

    (4.17/5) 6 rates


    war robots. the game that I always play when Im bored

    21 march 2020 09:55

    Well done
    The article writing is clear and there is no errors
    I like it!

    14 march 2019 11:15

    Well done I've tried making one but it was too hard hard so i just gave up

    20 march 2020 03:58

    Good article understood it the first time I read it

    28 may 2019 10:43

    Could be written in a more understandable way, but otherwise seems just fine.

    1 november 2018 08:17