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    nir_nirush, 26 february 2018 18:25

    War robots - 3.6.0 update and 3.5.0 update

    The game that fully consists of enthralling gameplay and fascinating creativity hit us back with another update containing various new features that make us, the player of the game excited and have no regret for waiting so much for a new update with brand new weapons, robots and a brand new gamemode!
    Keep reading this article as the fun only begins, we will discuss about the plethora of new features added into the game.

    The 3.6.0 Update
    War robots has added some heart-enquickening gamemode called "King of the hill" where two teams fight for a capture point, the team that holds the capture point until the time is over wins, this new gamemode is followed up with plenty of weapons including: Arbalest, Vortex and Dragoon which add a brand new combat style to the game and deliver a concerted effort to push your experience to the limits.
    But not only that, the 3.6.0 update also provides us with two new medium mechs, the Spectre and the Strider, these deadly mechs could dominate at the warground.
    Another feature added to the robots part of the game is new paint jobs for Dash robots, giving you the ability to customize your robot even more with these additional good-looking skins.
    With the 3.6.0 update coming out there is a feature called "Supply line" which gives you the ability to collect free drops with components, silver and keys, and guess what, you could do so every single day!
    And since the Lunar new year is coming there's a brand new event, you can complete tasks in order to collect components for Storm, Redeemer and Gust, after completing the tasks you will recieve the Haechi, can it be even better?
    In our opinion this update is exceedingly good and we recommend anybody who decided to play War robots to take advantage of that update and live the grind, and get benefited with various different rewards.
    Our favourite new feature is the King of the Hill mode,  this gamemode is one of the best gamemodes so far in War Robots, from the adrenaline you get when you play when fighting your enemy robots to the fantastic core idea of the gamemode.

    It feels very inviting returning back to War Robots after that addition,  we are thrilled for what comes next.

    3.5.0 Update
    The 3.5.0 update offered us a lovely christmas theme on all the avaliable maps, giving out a heart-warming welcome to 2018, it also offered several theme-suitable tasks you could accomplish, together with that the team deathmatch gamemode was brought back with more covers and deployment points!
    The weapons added were the gust light weapon and the redeemer heavy weapon which are both fantastic and well-functioning, the robot Boa got redesigned and turned into a much more good-looking model.
    This update definetly shows us the developers of War Robots care for it's community and deliver us so much more stuff we could do and enjoy.

    So we've seen the brand new updates War robots has recently got, that feeling in our tummy is not gone as we know there will be much more updates inbound, tell us your opinions on War Robots and if you like the new updates and changes to the game.
    Now, what are you waiting for? Go play War Robots!

    Rate this article War robots - 3.6.0 update and 3.5.0 update

    (5/5) 1 rating


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