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    Rate this article "Until Dawn - Review"

    (4.59/5) 32 rates
    Kolven, 19 january 2019 11:35

    Until Dawn - Review

    Review written by Kolven @ Gamehag

    The game Until Dawn takes place in a desolate winter landscape, it also includes young people who are interested in each other and a crazy killer and unnatural being in the forests among them.

    Until Dawn is a typical horror game based on classic horror film genre. The game was released on August 25, 2015 by the creators Supermassive Games.

    Before I played the game I thought the series would be a typical attempt to arouse interest in an out-of-the-box horror game for the consoles. Initially, the game would be launched to Playstation 3 and you would use the Move controls to place itself in the game. But it didn't matter and in the end there were changes and were only released to Playstation 4 since the summer of 2015.

    The game is, as said, very similar to typical horror movies like the Saw series. Then it is set in an abandoned place that is up on a high mountain with not too many mansions and cottages.

    Some young people who one by one gets to play that during the course of the game find it a great idea to return there on this mountain after a year, after their girlfriends who are two twin sisters. Which disappeared completely without trace from any place from the mountain.

    The action and the game is very telling for the "butterfly effect" something that changes with what choices one made during the action. It's about giving and taking, deciding who are their real friends and friends and doing it fast. The classic teenage drama that you see so many times in everyday life!

    The characters are real and very, very well made! Supermassive Games has got everything you could want in the character of the choice. Sporty guys, bitchy girls and the typical guy who hides everything with his humorous joke. I get touched by the characters on a number of occasions and it tracks the player's choices during the story. The actors such as Hayden Panettiere, Rami Malek and Brett Dalton have put a lot of traces in my time I played Unti Dawn. I cared a lot about those people, but then there were several choices one should take. And everything ended, yes, I don't know how.

    The game scene I remember as it was yesterday is the step where you have to make the decision yourself how the action should be performed. Should I let a girl snoop on someone else's mobile phone to find out if things are true? Even should I fly deeper into the basement or hide in the vicinity, or save my friend instead of saving myself? Whose side should I be if I choose between a friend or girlfriend? All these choices have consequences that affect the action on both good and evil.

    It really is a great way that Supermassive Games made in Until Dawn. The player has to make their own decisions and then you get even more into the action.
    The end is rough and annoying. The anxiety is everywhere and you sit tense from start to finish, just as a very good horror game should be!

    5/5 Soul Gems!! :)

    Rate this article Until Dawn - Review

    (4.59/5) 32 rates


    game looks interesting

    20 january 2019 23:26


    13 february 2019 20:11

    Looks good, i am gonna play it

    24 january 2019 22:13

    Very good game

    27 january 2019 02:34

    I was totally scared while playing this game.

    19 january 2019 19:26

    The anxiety is everywhere and you sit tense from start to finish, just as a very good horror game should be!

    19 january 2019 18:42

    it lacks some important information such as the "wendigos", this is actually a great game with a great storyline.

    anyway, i'll give this review a 3/5, not bad :)

    20 january 2019 06:12

    i dont think its good to play that game rather bad awwws

    21 january 2019 09:03

    One of the best horror game. Love it.

    20 january 2019 01:42

    Not bad i didint know about this game

    19 january 2019 15:41