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    (4.33/5) 21 rates
    rogstrug, 30 august 2018 14:46

    Unravel Two - Review

    the original Unravel from 2016 was a little surprised by the publishing signature of Electronic Art. Some miracle was not the spin-off game of the Battlefield series with the wool doll in the main role. He was a good puzzle platformer who had a unique idea, a beautiful visual style and a nice story-pad. The needle that made it out did it without loose ends, so I did not expect the story to continue, but I went to some new virtual fields. However, discovering me for the second time managed to surprise, and not because Unravel Two came out the same day it was announced.

    Reveal Two hybrid genres of puzzle and platform, in which 2D perspectives solve different problems and avoid any unpleasant situations. On its predecessor, it is supplemented primarily by the use of the same protagonist, less words. The game consists of seven chapters with an average duration of 45 minutes. If you have at least one friend, the game can be played in pairs, there is no real skill test and coordination to play alone.

    It should be noted at the outset that the discovery of two is not a continuation in the full sense of the word. This is the less continent of well-known stories than the beginning of something new. If the first Unravel was backward, this title is his opposite. Throughout the first game, Yarny is one of the wolves connected to half the world scene, but this time already in the introductory scene this thread shoots. Storming from the deck of the ship caught in the storm, Yarny ends up stranded on the shore. There happily met someone well-known. No, it is not Prosyneck, but another Yarny with which he is immediately connected. Both metaphorically and literally, connecting the ends of the wool to the place where the thread was interrupted. Enough fora to start.

    These obstacles come in many forms, but most often they are reduced to problematic tasks in which using their woolly overpowering powers Yarnyji need to reach unavailable places. The gameplay itself is completely faster than the leader, with much more frequent checkpoints and a larger number of life-threatening situations. The controls are much more precise and measured, so the emphasis is placed on the action sequence. They are not a source of frustration, as it was in the original, but they are actually welcome to break away from puzzles that still play the backbone of gameplay. Surfing on rapids, running away from fire or animals are some of the things Yarnyji will have to go to achieve his goal.This goal, similarly to the first one, is largely just ignored. Despite this, changing the tone of the story is very easy to spot. In Unravel, two links have passed, and the two Yarnys need to build their own future solely with their own means. In the equation, however, is added the element of social work that is played beside the place of action, far cheerful and relaxed than the original. Without getting into too much detail, the vision of the background world in this Unravel is rather of a distic character, and the Yarnys will be interrupted by the opponents of imagination.With technical sides, the game is great. The visual and sound presentations are outlined in relation to the original. The camera that is this time away and a better overview of the environment has also been improved. Yarnyji are more responsive, and even the opportunity to play alone controls are intuitive. The puzzles are more diverse and this time there are no unexpected jumps in weight. Frustrating logical problems have been eliminated, whose solutions are based on some unusual Newtonian laws. I only went through this game for about six hours without having to drop sweat. If you do not rush, you will probably need more time for the transition. Watch the video and see how good I am really!

    There are certain elements added to the game that increase the repetition of the value as additional levels and the challenges associated with the already cut leaves. The design of the world is again based on the central points, in this case the lighthouse. From the lighthouse that represents the starting point and the vacation station, Yarnyji travel to a variety of, and in some cases to, the space of rather distant landscapes, and then return to a base that changes every successful expedition.As for the technical part and the gameplay itself, I do not have any major objections. This is probably my favorite platformer in this regard lately. No, most of the reviews I devoted to the story aspect. The story was the reason I remembered the first Unlock after I played it. This is the element that I am getting into with friends, even though she alone was only average.While in the original story tells you as the starting point for playing, here's the opposite. While it's fun to keep track of how all alive and inexperienced forces, from disobedient skateboarders to harassment, strive for the little Yarnians to end, this game is actually more fun to play for pure gameplay, not because of the narrative aspect. "Yes, things sometimes stop with the repair, but we can always rebuild it." One of the citations from the end of the game is a good description of this game.

    Although it has proven impossible to repeat the purity of the original, Unravel Two advances in all aspects except the story represent a successful reorientation in the philosophy towards the production of games that are in the first place entertaining and thus enjoyable to play.

    Rate this article Unravel Two - Review

    (4.33/5) 21 rates


    That is my favorite game! Good article

    13 april 2020 16:40

    Pretty good article

    30 august 2019 12:33