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    (4.18/5) 96 rates
    IGN_sucks, 11 july 2021 21:43

    The ugly masterpiece

    Vangers is an old russian game developed by K-D lab. While it has too many issues i still higly recommend to play it and here is why...

    The game meets you with a terrible menu.Toxic colors and ugly font will make your eyes bleed.

    But let us not judge game by it's main menu and start new game. After loading, "Vangers" meets us with 12 page of lore that you should bother reading (it's very important gameplaywise). Finally, the game starts, and this handsome young man is the first thing you seeOMBX2rNlLjGQXFXScI83wO2Ntz409B.jpg
    his name is Leepky (sticky) and he is an eleepod (one of the few races formed from Creature Soup). He is disgusted by you and won't talk too much. Though he will give you first mission: deliver nymbos from podish(your current location) to incubator. After figuring out that orange button leads into garage and buying nimbos, you can finaly go to the surface of the world of Univang and once again experiencing bloody tears.

    iWJmmqvn1wsdImUzlzWBOJ4Njb1k1P.jpg a piece of Fostral

    Now you are free to do anything you like. Game will not say anything about itself anymore (you realy shoudn't have skipped lore part) and due to the self-repeating world compas will not work properly. Also don't forget to manualy save in the bunkers (escaves) because you will die much in early game (and will become almost invincible in the late game). Almost every of your cars (mechoses) have some sort of weakness but habe one (of weakness) in common: your cargo will fall out of  your hold after recieving critical damage, so be carefull and pay attention to it, because this mechanic affects even items important to story. 
    hOaJlLcYtd9jep5S6nvCoUPCHtgDKL.jpgmap of the Fostral

    To raise your authority you must complete tabutasks (you can buy one in bunker after some events). With high "respect" level bioses (any sentient living being) will answer some of your questions and give you some vital tips.

    Every world of the lost chain have their cycles. Each cycle have own activities, all the 3 inhabitat worlds have their ritual racing season (Glorx have 2) which are almosе required for story advancment, but they are not that hard.

    Most of the vangers will try to attack and rob you, but they are not the scariest enemies. That would be the landscape, you will be always stuck in it (you have a spring for this situation but sometimes it won't help). Also be aware of bioses on the new worlds, as they will try to confiscate your hard earned property. 

    Many players will drop game after starting it, but if you are patient enough, and like to learn on your own mistakes you will enjoy this strange, yet very interesting and truly hard game as i did. And I guarantee that all your torments are worth mastering this game and its story. 

    Rate this article The ugly masterpiece

    (4.18/5) 96 rates


    i have never heard of this game,anyways it looks interesing

    22 september 2021 21:52

    The ugly masterpiece nice article

    22 september 2021 19:31

    thnak you for this article! was really good and really interesting

    27 september 2021 17:36

    i have never heard of this game,anyways it looks interesing

    27 september 2021 02:42

    you don't believe anything you write don't you?

    27 september 2021 02:07

    nice article and good

    27 september 2021 15:27

    very good and lovely

    28 september 2021 07:17