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    Rate this article "The story of HITMAN: Absolution [SPOILERS]"

    (3.95/5) 19 rates
    THVANAS, 27 august 2017 02:10

    The story of HITMAN: Absolution [SPOILERS]

    Hitman: Absolution is an infiltration video game in the third person developed by IO Interactive and published by Square Enix on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows in November 2012.
    Designed and realized by Tore Blystad, it is the first game in the series to be available on the PlayStation 3, and is also the first opus published by Square Enix, after their acquisition of Eidos Interactive in 2009.
    The story of the game plunges into the mysterious life of Agent 47.

    47 is charged by the Agency to eliminate Diana in her villa (former employee of the Agency, she was in the previous games the only contact of 47 and was in this capacity in charge to give her orders of assassination). He shoots her as she takes a shower and, as she agonizes, asks her to take care of a girl, Victoria (Diana had chosen to betray the agency to protect Victoria, which apparently was being led experiences). 47 hesitates, while on the telephone, the head of the Agency, Benjamin Travis, asks him to finish it; He eventually breaks off all contact with the Agency and the fate of Diana is not known (but is supposedly dead).

    The first part of the game takes place in Chicago. Victoria cache in a religious orphanage; It appears that a mysterious object which it carries around the neck gives it forces and that without it, it becomes vulnerable. 47 then wants to know why the girl is chased and exchange of information held by an Asian mafia, Birdie, gives him his favorite weapon (his Silverballers), and agrees to perform several contracts. He first killed the "King of Chinatown," a cacique from Chinatown in Chicago. Birdie then tells 47 that he will find information from Dexter, a businessman who stays on the top floor of Hotel Terminus. But got there, the agent is controlled by one of Dexter's henchmen, Sanchez (a huge colossus), and 47 is left for dead near a murdered maid to the guilty in the eyes of Police, warned and arrived at the scene. Dexter has however been careful to set fire to the building and 47 managed to escape over the rooftops, chased by the police. He then crosses an abandoned library, gridded by the police and an apartment where junkies live. He manages to escape by melting into the crowd of the underground. Still on the hunt, 47 goes to the Vixen Club, a striptease box, to kill the owner for Birdie. He then returns to Chinatown to eliminate three targets. Made aware of the imminent arrival of men of Dexter at the orphanage, 47 will seek Victoria, but it is removed by the-last. 47 however succeeded in killing Wade, one of the lieutenants of Dexter, and learns that he earned Hope, a town in South Dakota.

    The second part of the game takes place in Hope, home of Dexter Industries, a company owned by the businessman of the same name, which manufactures mines and explosives. 47 first goes to an armory to retrieve his Silverballers, who landed here after Birdie joined the Dexter camp. He then kills Lenny, Dexter's son, and his band, who more or less rule their law on Hope with the complicity of the local police. 47 subsequently infiltrates the headquarters of Dexter Industries in order to retrieve information about Victoria: it is like a clone endowed with exceptional murderous capacities, but which it does not yet know. The agent took the opportunity to kill several scientists involved in this work on Victoria. This also explains why the Agency wishes to recover it at all costs; Without understanding his true nature, Dexter hopes for his part to earn money and resell it at a big price to the Agency. 47 then goes to an arena where Sanchez, Dexter's henchman, fights as a wrestler. He must also fight the "Saints", killers disguised as nuns who storm the motel where he spends the night. 47 had learned by Sanchez that Victoria was being held in the county court jail and went there to release her. He is nevertheless arrested by the sheriff Skurky, a man in the pay of Dexter, and Victoria is again displaced. The agency, warned, invests Hope in order to kill 47, which nevertheless manages to eliminate Skurky and to escape.

    The third and final part takes place again in Chicago, at Blackwater Park, a building belonging to Dexter. 47 infiltrate it to win the last floor, penthouse where lives Dexter and his partner, Layla. A little earlier, Travis handed several million dollars to Dexter on behalf of the agency, in exchange for the promise to be given the young Victoria. 47 manages to kill Layla. Taken up short, Dexter decides to blow up the building so that 47 there perish. The officer, however, managed to stop Dexter on the helicopter runway where he planned to escape, kill him, and recover Victoria (who in the meantime showed that she was capable of killer prowess when she His necklace). For its part, the Agency understands that it will not recover Victoria but begins to doubt the death of Diana. Travis then goes to the cemetery where his family vault is located to exhume the officially buried body (we learn that the other members of the Agency are beginning to be annoyed by Travis's behavior, which made the fate of 47 a personal case ). 47 infiltrates, kills Jade, Travis's assistant, three mercenaries who protect Travis and then Travis himself. The game ends with a kinematics in the villa of Diana: this one is very alive and lives with Victoria, who hesitates to throw his necklace to the sea (which would determine its future). 47 watches them from a boat and leaves.

    Rate this article The story of HITMAN: Absolution [SPOILERS]

    (3.95/5) 19 rates


    5 Stars ! nice game but not for everyone

    4 june 2020 01:50

    my favorite article

    4 january 2022 11:09

    this is one of my most favourite series! I love it!!

    31 march 2020 21:14

    Good work :)

    31 july 2019 21:18

    I like hitman series and hitman absolution is one of my most favourite hitman games, I enjoyed revisiting the story with your article, thanks!

    3 may 2020 12:40

    This article is amazing 5 stars from me :D also i love this game and thats why i love love this article :D

    29 september 2017 00:41

    Such a detailed article 5 stars!!

    9 october 2019 10:40

    Probably also my favorite in the series.

    10 september 2017 17:51