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    (4.75/5) 8 rates
    matheus_nakati, 10 september 2017 22:15

    The Forest - Tips And Tricks

    The Forest is a horror and suspense game for Windows. It brings in its composition elements of survival found in games like Do not Starve and DayZ, leaving the player trapped on a desert island. We've prepared some tips you can follow to survive and not be caught off guard by enemies. Check it:

    -Don't face many enemies-
    The Forest is a strategy game and not a fighting game. So you should not go out staring at the enemy face that appears ahead, because you risk being easily defeated. In addition to the body parts you can collect, killing cannibals and mutants has virtually no benefit at all, and for every defeated creature they have sent larger and more difficult troops to meet you.
    The easiest and simplest way to deal with them is to go unnoticed. Mount traps as a precaution and avoid as much as possible to be seen by the creatures of the island. If they do not know your location, you'll be safe to explore. Remember that they can appear anywhere and have camps scattered throughout the forest.
    -Use the camouflage-
    When exploring the island, it is extremely important that you stay camouflaged or hidden from the creatures that chase you. Always be extra careful when crossing new areas, especially if they are deserted, as mutants and cannibals are able to climb trees and move quickly.
    Use mud to camouflage your body and hide in large shrubs. To make less noise, crouch, as the mutants can hear you clearly in the forest. The mechanics of camouflage work and if you know how to hide, will go unnoticed by the creatures.
    -Caves are dangerous-
    The caves are double-edged knives. Within them, you can find many rare and extremely useful items for your journey, such as ropes. However, it is in her that we find the most difficult monsters to be defeated.
    Hiding in a cave might seem like a good option, but not for long. If you do not have a flashlight or the equipment needed to protect yourself (signal, bomb, and food) you will be easily defeated. Explode the caves very carefully and avoid them at the beginning of the game, because you will not have the necessary weapons, like bombs, to face the worst creatures.
    -Avoid walking at night-
    You should not leave your camp when the sun goes down because you are taking more risks at night. Do this only if you have no other choice. The creatures and cannibals walk in greater numbers in the night and move better because of the lack of light. And thanks to your flashlight or any light source you are using, you will be fully visible to the enemies.
    -Don't forget the character's needs-
    Be aware of your character's needs. If he is hungry, look for food as soon as possible. Do not let your energy run out, as you will not be able to fight or run, and you will be even more vulnerable. Your character may starve or become ill, so it is extremely important to take care of your well -
    and health.
    Always carry drinks and food in your backpack to avoid starving yourself while you are exploring. Do not build too much so he does not get tired. Remember to keep warm by building a fire. Avoid walking in the rain.
    -Be patient-
    As stated earlier, The Forest is a strategy game. It takes patience to wait for the right moment to explore. The goal is not to engage in combat, but to intelligently survive all the dangers that surround it. Pay attention to the environment and your needs. Take one step at a time and try to survive as many days as you can.

    Rate this article The Forest - Tips And Tricks

    (4.75/5) 8 rates


    kinda boring game

    21 april 2021 21:15

    Thanks For The tips

    13 november 2020 11:23

    Seems to be a nice survival game, is this like Subnautica but on land?

    17 february 2020 10:01