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    Rate this article "Team Fortress 2 Review"

    (4.69/5) 36 rates
    Dont3venTryM8, 1 july 2017 02:29

    Team Fortress 2 Review

    Team Fortress 2. What can I say? One of the most known games in the steam community. Being free to play, shows varibaility all over the game from gamemodes, to community, or to trading!

    A lot of people have heard about Tf2. It has been one of the best games for lots of people and sometimes the worst. Lets get some backround in. Tf2 was created on October 10th, 2007 by our holy lord Valve. Tf2 is a squeal to the 1996 mod Team Fortress for Quake. Along with its remake, Team Fortress Classic. This is a first person shooter game along with the ones previous to it. It is also well known for its trading and its ability for people to unbox things. Its a great game to just chill on and relax with your friends and have a good time.

    Now you may ask yourself, "This just seems like a normal first person shooter. What's so good about it?".
    To answer your question it is the modes. You have Arena, CTF, Control Points, Competitive, King of the hill, Mann vs Machine, Mannpower and PASS Time. Lot of modes right? I would take out all of the information about these modes but you'll get the drift off it. All of these modes are commonly awesome expect for PASS Time. This is your sort of special mode. PASS Time, is which your passing a spiked ball around to get it in the opposing teams goal. In this state you can not kill people when holding the PASS Time ball you have to relly on your team mates sort of like soccer. What makes this so bad its glitches. People find exploits after glitches after all of this nonsense in which people never play this game seriously its kind of boring...

    Now lets talk about how valve treats this game. S**t. The utter amount of terrible updates and overpowered weapons makes the game not fun. Certain items people use endlessy just for the amusement of peoples reactions. (Gunslinger, Direct Hit, etc.) The Tf2 community uploads lots of steam groups and youtube videos telling Valve to make this update or that. Barely ever listen. Last year there was a contest to see who gets and update first. Heavy or Pyro. Being that there are a lot of idiots on Tf2 lots of them voted Pyro. Now you may ask whats wrong about this, HEAVY HASN'T GOTTEN AN UPDATE IN 7 YEARS! Now the abusive pyro can get its buffs and nerfs. When you play Tf2 now you never see a heavy unless if there a pro or a noob.

    Overall Rating: 6/10.
    The reason I give this rating is because Valve doesn't pay any attention to Tf2 what so ever. Its kind of that outsider game that they loved when It first game out then turned to garbage as it when on. The game modes are truly amazing and show lots of fun to the Tf2 community. Trading is one of there biggest sources of populartiy in the gaming group. Me personally have over 2,000 hours on that game. And its worn out. Its been stuff over and over. Matchmaking is not even ranked. You can be pared with pros or people who jsut started and Valve needs to change this.

    Thanks for listening and leave your comments below! Cheers! 

    Rate this article Team Fortress 2 Review

    (4.69/5) 36 rates


    hope valve update this game , last updated they just fix only 1 bug

    29 september 2021 13:31

    Do you recommend this game for me? I'm not really good at shooters, well.. I am, but more like a "regular player", not at "Gamer" lvl.
    Ps: nice article! Good job

    14 august 2017 01:02

    My Favorite Game I Love More Than All Games I have +1900 Hours

    20 september 2020 16:16

    Good article but better to use pictures for your work.

    11 july 2019 20:02

    Definitely needs more images of the game and more interesting text

    8 april 2020 13:10

    I love this game i have over 1 000 hours on it!

    30 november 2020 20:46

    TF2 is really enjoyable and fun to play game i enjoy it a lot and love to grind it and playing it friends.

    20 may 2020 23:21

    team fortress deserves more love from valve than dota 2

    14 march 2021 19:30

    Nice article, playing the medic is quite fun.

    7 august 2020 23:49

    Team Fortress 2 is fantastic game

    13 july 2020 15:27