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    (4.11/5) 9 rates
    grailmisdoer, 15 january 2018 18:03

    Story of god of war 1

    How Kratos become a god

    This Kratos lived in the village of Sparta, and he had a mother and mother who suffered his illness and then goes to a mountain and no longer knows about it, and everyone thinks he's dead, but he's been looking for one of the sites that came to PSP. Now after that, Kratos goes to the Sparta Corps and starts with a few people who will slowly reach thousands of soldiers, but you will lose one of the wars against the Barbarians to the border, but right at the moment when one step up Defeating a distance. He sells his spirit to Eris, the god of war, and Eris orders to build a sword from the depths of hell. He chained to the hands of Kratos, and the chains were so hot that he would stick to his hands and reminiscent of the promise that he would give Eris the head of the barbarians and take out all his troops. Kratos wins, and then he serves Eris and everyone He burns down the villages and throws everything, but in his last mission he attacks a temple that belonged to Athena, one of the gods, warns Kratos before the Temple's owner that he should not come here but he does not listen. He go in and all makes the last thing that strikes the woman and the kid, and when he get out, he just know what the hell is doing. But that was late. He was surprised that he had left his wife and his child at Sparta, but here he was telling Eris that he would not serve him again and wanted to kill him and after that his wife and his baby get in ash then they stick to Kratos. So everyone knows what he did and then he sparked the spirit of Sparta for his whitening.

    After that, Kratos delves into the sea and travels with the ship to this and that place, but the nightmare of the dead who is still hurt by him is coming to Athena this very time and he wants to make it happen that his nightmare is over. The same goes for Athens Now my brother Eris is going to destroy it, and if he gets in front of him, his nightmare will end, and Kratos will go to the town and the owner of the temple finds it there, and he tells him to get the box to get Pandora, so that you can defeat Eris, with a lot of patience. Difficulty dropping from the desert and confronting monsters will finally go to Kronos, the father of mighty Zeus, and after 3 days to go up The mountain that was behind the Kronos was on top of it, after enduring the hardships and solving a lot of riddles in the box, but Eris realized that there was a stick throwing from there to Kratos, who kissed him and shot him :D, but returned to Kratos Dora, and in the box He opens and draws Eris, but the gods only shed their sin and Lee cowboys do not end up, so he decides to throw himself out of the lofty cliff there, Olympus, and it does so, but falls flat in the water with no stone, and again The water goes out and goes up without the desire to save the gods to the god of war later. Since Eris gave back his sowrds; Athena gave him new one in the game after that Kratos has become God of War.

    Rate this article Story of god of war 1

    (4.11/5) 9 rates


    im waiting for god of war movie it would be epic!!!!

    19 march 2020 19:34


    19 april 2020 10:28

    metrocanta el juego😄

    22 september 2019 19:00


    3 september 2019 02:04

    god of war is great and weird game at same time

    20 january 2018 21:02

    OH lol u wrote the whole story xd

    23 january 2018 08:51

    This game is nut

    8 january 2019 14:34