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    (3.93/5) 15 rates
    Mrdox, 30 august 2018 15:46


    The game is a game of adventure, horror and science fiction, and this may make you wonder how the development team will present a game with this classification with a simple control based on the marking of places and objects and pressure to interact with them.

    Before talking about anything else to talk about the story, you will take the role of Professor John Maracheck, who awakens from a stalemate on the Groomlake scientific research vehicle. In addition to being lost in a place where he does not know how to reach it, he also has to deal with the disappearance of his wife and young girls. The developer is not only giving you a clear goal from the start, you have to start the adventure and one goal is to focus your attention, finding John's wife and daughter, but at the same time try to figure out what is going on in the vehicle and which experiments Awesome and scary led by Cayne Humans, so the story spread on these premises, the first clear, and the second mysterious events and drives forward.
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    The story is interesting, nothing is clear from the beginning. When you start playing, you are completely ignorant of the kind of threat that surrounds you, and the things that go around after killing the people on the vehicle. The only drawback is that many things have not been adequately explained in the story or have been hidden forever. Many questions hang unanswered, but fortunately the game has enough pros to hide this drawback.

    STASIS shares everything with traditional Point & Click games, point to where you want to go and click to do it, point to the thing you want to interact with and click to do it. So, it's nice that just by pointing things you can get them described without having to move , Instead of pressing on a certain door and waiting for your arrival to get a description of it as the door leading to the place A, once marked it will appear description, it helps a lot of things that you can interact with, especially that the game does not contain any kind of assistance, . The game also requires you to run machines and use computers, or use the right things properly, and the puzzles are designed logically and acceptable makes you aware that you do not need to use a needle to open the door, which happens a lot in games genre when you start to try everything that has everything in front of you on Hope to come to a solution.
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    To clarify this point further, when you find that the door you want to open closes quickly you will be looking for something to make it hang, something metallic, towel or something else, and by looking in the environment you will find this thing and directly "Bam! That's exactly what I was looking for. " You do the opposite, things are not always simple and sometimes you will get things either you do not know the usefulness of them, or how to use them, especially since some puzzles Ask you to merge things with each other, and to know the benefit of everything and solve the puzzles you will get indirect hints through the electronic notes of the crew of the vehicle.

    Final  (8.6)

    + A world-class design with excellent sound and visual effects - logical puzzles - an interesting story

    - Robotic personal movement and floating - lots of outstanding questions without answers

    // Stasis A game that deserves to be given an opportunity for those who love science fiction and "point and click" games in their classic form.


    Rate this article STASIS PC

    (3.93/5) 15 rates


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    15 november 2019 16:26

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    15 november 2019 16:24

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    15 november 2019 16:21