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    (3.62/5) 39 rates
    Miaskia, 5 september 2018 07:12

    Star Stable Review

    Star Stable is a ver fun game that I've enjoyed. Its about riding horses, racing, and completing tasks given by the people the Jorvik. I do have some tips and tricks you could use while enjoying this game and I have my own opinion about weather or not its worth getting it (or/and getting star rider).

    Is it Fun?

    I think this game is very fun for all ages. Im on the older side and I enjoy playing it and going around completing tasks. You can play for hours everyday and still have lots to do. I tried to complete all the quests that are available in one day and its just not possible so you'll never get bored. Some people enjoy the story of Star Stable but I personally like to skip the dialogue parts and just do the quests by running around. The controls on the horses are very good and they feel nice to control but the controls when you are off your horse are horrendous, good thing you mostly stay on your horse the whole time. The graphics of the game are also very beautiful and I recommend trying to get some good screen savers using the photo mode along with the wild horse mode were you can take the rider off of your horse. 

    Is it Really Free to Play?

    The game itself yes, it is free to download and is available on Apple products and Windows. Although once in the game you start of pretty even as people who do pay, but as the game progresses you are blocked off from certain areas in the map and you are unable to learn the jump ability (which is my favorite part). I played the game as far as you could go without paying for Star Rider but it just loses its fun and charm. Eventually the quests stop and you cant really do anything but the daily races and socialize with people. My personal opinion is that paying for lifetime Star Rider is the best option if you want to play the game for a lone time. The monthly charges stack up and its really not worth not getting lifetime Star Rider unless you only want to play the game for a couple  months. Now the star coins. These are the premium currency in Star Stable and they are used to pay for pretty much everything cool, like nice gear, pets, and ALL horses. As a star rider you get 100 star coins per week, and you can pay to buy more. Patience is defiantly a big thing here if you don't want to have to pay for star coins. 100 a week seems like a lot but it goes by fast seeing that horses are from 750-950 star coins each. Along with that if you are not a star rider there is no way to get star coins unless you spend money, so bye bye buying more horses. So in conclusion you CAN play the game without paying but you really don't want to. 

    Some Tips and Tricks 

    I will be assuming that you are a star rider. 
    If you want to get xp and coins fast and finish the story quickly skip the dialogue and do multiple quests at once, plan out your riding and spending your coins on the fast travel system. Start as many quests as possible and don't travel to the city/town with the least amount of quest marks on the map first, go to the populated ones first. 

    In conclusion I recommend at least trying the game, maybe it for you, maybe its not. But if you do like it then it is fun for hours

    Rate this article Star Stable Review

    (3.62/5) 39 rates

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    Star Stable

    Star Stable is a skill game addressed mainly to the girls. We’ll impersonate a young girl, spending her time on the Jorvik island, which is passionated by horse riding.The island itself, according to the legend, formed when a shining star fell to these previously infertile, lifeless lands. From the star came out a mysterious gir...


    Decent article that kind of tells you how the game can be played with different playstyles. Like if you want to speedrun the game or are just playing for the story

    4 september 2019 22:19

    stop saying good or ok, they can say it to themselves, why don't countribute something useful ?

    10 august 2019 16:11

    this game playing my friend 1year on PC yes yes

    16 december 2019 14:38

    given by the people the Jorvik. I do have some tips and tricks you could use while enjoying this game and I have my own opinion about weather or not its worth getting it (or/and getting star rider).

    19 november 2019 04:50

    I like the article but the game graphics are a bit shabby. That is why i dont like the game.

    3 march 2020 08:08

    Average not top of the line not last on the list
    It's nicely presented

    5 september 2018 10:11

    wait, you can speedrun a horse game? that's new ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

    27 january 2020 08:17

    Pretty good article and a nice game. Thx.

    12 march 2020 06:55

    the article is good and tells you alot about the game

    17 november 2019 01:05

    I love this game so much! Thx for the article!🐎

    15 august 2019 19:12