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    Rate this article "Star Control: Origins - PC Review"

    (4.39/5) 160 rates
    berroni, 13 march 2019 18:37

    Star Control: Origins - PC Review

    Star Control: Origins is a Space Adventure, Exploration game full of Action developed & published by Stardock Entertainment on 20 September 2018 on Steam.     

    Before we start reviewing this game, I want to say that I have never been a fan of Space Exploration games, this game and No Man's Sky have definitely changed my opinion. Yup, it's that good. After visiting the Store Page of this game, I was shocked when I saw that reviews are mixed since I expected them to be positive at least, if not very positive. It's a game that has huge galaxy selection and each one has it's own quests and secrets. I've spent a lot of time playing this game, and I am still experiencing some stuff for the first time. It's a game that is going to be shocking for everyone on the beginning since you'll immediately get an opinion that you'll need a seriously long time to complete it. And that opinion is definitely not going to be wrong.

    Since this game has a huge amount of quests, it's logical that it has a great story. 

    The Story begins as humanity finds out that we're not alone in the huge universe, but the next thing is not something you'll expect. Nowadays, we think of aliens as of superior beings, much smarter than us, and that's actually not a true, not a case, in Star Conflict: Origins. Your neighbors, aliens, are actually stupid as a rock. Their level of IQ will actually bring your quests enormous fun, which is quite unique, as usually quests are boring as hell in the space exploration games, but the light humour your neighbours have are going to push you forward and that is something I enjoyed in this game. 

    Combat System in Star Conflict: Origins is not something I enjoyed, as it doesn't bring anything unique with itself.  It's a basic consume energy-aim -fire,  shooter system. To make it even worse, developers have not even tried to make it better by giving various kinds of weapons, instead, each ship features two weapons and each is same - consume energy-aim-shoot and then recharge it passively in turns. It's a big con of this game, but anyways, it doesn't ruin it completely 'cuz the Graphics Details are playing a great role in it, combat effects are going to, simply, destroy all of its cons and you'll have fun even tho' it's nothing special. 

    Graphics of this game are pretty much modern. They're simple and they are(as I have already said) improving the Combat System with its combat effects. Everything in this game, the entire universe, is looking great which makes me say that the graphics details are glorious in this game. 

    The Sound fits the game pretty well as it follows each situation you can possibly get into and besides that voice acting is great and realistic.

    Star Control: Origins is a game that I personally enjoyed and a game I want to suggest to all of you, whether you are or not a fan of Space Exploration games.  I haven't been one, but as I've already said, No Man's Sky and this one have changed my mind. This game is actually free of bugs and glitches, and it's not a game you'll complete pretty quickly - you'll spend hours and hours of playing, which means you'll have an enormous amount of fun. I'll rate this game 8/10 because of the Combat System. 

    I suggest you all to hurry up and buy it while it's on 50% discount on Steam until the 19 March. 

    Rate this article Star Control: Origins - PC Review

    (4.39/5) 160 rates


    Top pc game

    3 april 2019 19:11

    I like this game is very nice

    4 april 2019 16:16

    game looks promising. ill try it out later on. nice review though.:)

    22 may 2019 08:50

    I regret I did not buy it when it was on sale. :(

    10 may 2019 22:44

    Nice Game, i like such types of space games especially.Thanks for the information.

    6 june 2019 00:39

    another space x3 game? this one may actually be good

    3 may 2020 09:52

    It is very good game

    13 april 2019 08:38

    Ohh that's a good article

    26 march 2019 21:55

    looks pretty good, gonna give it a try soon!

    13 may 2019 14:35

    but tell me - why do you spam in the forums if you can write so well?

    13 march 2019 19:31