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    (4.53/5) 427 rates
    t4tsumihyaku, 17 april 2020 21:49

    SoulWorker - game review.

    SoulWorker is an online free-to-play anime MMORPG that was released in 2016. Mainly, in this game, we choose our character, complete quests, learn some in-game skills and earn ranks.



    When we start playing for the first time, we will have to add some members to our team. We can choose between six characters. One of the characters must be the main one. The main character is the character which we will have to play with. After choosing the members of our team, we can change their hairstyles, clothing, skin color, etc. There's a requirement - we must set our members' nicknames. If we don't, then we can't recruit them to our team.
    The game is mainly all about completing interesting in-game quests.



    Every character has its own story. In this case, we will talk about Jin Seipatsu.

    His story is really interesting.
    Everything starts in a very crowded place. While people were walking around, they noticed something falling from the sky. People were worried about their lives, but Jin was brave enough to try to take control over the situation and said that everything is gonna be alright and in case anything happens, he will be there to protect any person in need. Unfortunately, he didn't keep on his promise (because the situation was inevitable).
    While Jin was moving some boxes, he heard some people shouting:

    "Jin, you lied to us!".

    You might be wondering, what was falling from the sky?  It was a comet, that fell and caused a great void in the earth's crust.
    After some time, Jin fell in it. He wasn't awake, but he could hear a silent voice in his dream:

    "There is no normality in this world. You have the power to change the world!".


    After waking up, Jin noticed that he wasn't on Earth. The place was very unknown to him. Suddenly, while he was exploring the area, a strange kid started flying around him and started giving him instructions which he had to follow. Jin didn't know what was happening at the beginning until he started fighting some monsters. After defeating them, he got into a van with some other characters. When the van moved away, Jin and the other characters noticed that some monsters started following the van. They were scared of death.
    But suddenly, the strange kid came and paused the moment when the monster was about to destroy the van. The reason he paused the moment was that he had a very special request to Jin. His request was to not forget him and try to find him after his disappearance.


    After resuming the moment, the strange kid fought against the monster. After the fight, the monster and the strange kid disappeared mysteriously. Jin by seeing this scene broke down and woke up in a hospital.

    After waking up, he lost all his memories. The most interesting part was that he wasn't wounded! Jin went through many tests to check if everything's alright with his physical health.
    When he was being tested, he noticed that he developed some amazing abilities which he wasn't aware of. 

    The Combos


    We start a combo when we hit some monsters more than twice within a certain time. While this process, if we hit more monsters, our combo count increases. There is a maximum amount of combos that we can get.
    Thanks to the combos, we receive a bonus after defeating all monsters.

    Skills development


    When we complete some quests, we receive experience which helps us advance to other levels.
    Not only quests but also when we defeat some monsters.
    Levels are a sign that we make some progress in the game. There is a maximum level, which is 55. When we advance to 55, we receive a rank. Hence, we can't level up anymore.

    Benefits from ranking up:
    By ranking up, the characters in our team earn extra experience when they start making progress in the game.
    You'll also unlock some other characters, which is an advantage!

    Summary & Additional information

    I rate the game with 5/10.

    The graphics of the buildings have an extremely high quality, but unfortunately, the characters not. The chat section is slightly irritating. I like this MMORPG because the game reminds me of the movie "Koe no Katachi", a.k.a. "A silent voice".
    The quests are made very well.
    One of the most annoying things about the game is the controls. There are many controls & combinations which you have to use and that's what I dislike the most.


    Rate this article SoulWorker - game review.

    (4.53/5) 427 rates

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    Here comes a long-awaited SoulWorker! The game has been launched recently - in February 2018 - finally after 5 years of waiting. It is a MMORPG free-to-play action game with excellent anime-style graphics, developed by the South Korean company Lion Games Co. Ltd., and distributed by the famous Gameforge, responsible also for han...


    wow what nice game please play this game I am busting writting comment for soul gems

    21 may 2020 16:04

    I like anime and seeing that tgis game is using anime surprises me. Good artcile good game well played have fun

    3 may 2020 15:30

    it looks rlly fun to me, i also think this game is for ppl who like this kind of games

    27 may 2020 09:15

    After resuming the moment, the strange kid fought against the monster. After the fight, the monster and the strange kid disappeared mysteriously. Jin by seeing this scene broke down and woke up in a hospital.

    5 june 2020 10:25

    wow this looks like a very nice game but its online game

    6 may 2020 16:22

    this game looks very nice. good review.

    17 may 2020 12:56

    wow what nice game please play this game I am busting writting comment for soul gems

    4 august 2020 13:01

    i love this game and nice article

    5 may 2020 04:58

    i really love this game it is very fun almost every day i and my brother play the people are so cute i love it :D 💻🙂👌🏿

    1 may 2021 09:57

    thank you thank you musk up pain hold back my tears and im going insane nobody knows all by myself let tthe rain hit me im goin insane nobody knows

    8 may 2021 17:41