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    (4.2/5) 5 rates
    Mrdox, 20 november 2017 16:11

    Simple review of syberia 3

    She was then handed over to Dr. Olga, who tried to lock her up, but she knew there was a member of Youkol who were the people who saved her.
    In this part the environment will not change much from the previous parts, after previous trips by the heroine of the game Kate Walker on Europe and its discovery of an icy area called Siberia
    The mammoth was discovered there. She was going back to the same place to find other people and was trying to save them. They are given the privilege of rescuing them after they find them sunk in the middle of an icy storm
    Here begins her attempt to escape and save her new boyfriend and solve some of the puzzles she faces.

    Play Mode:

    The game is not much different from the previous parts, the game depends on the collection of some things and use them in the solution of puzzles

    As well as conducting dialogues with personalities, but rarely affect the identification of answers in the game, for example, if you spoke with a person in the right way will tailor what you want but if not give you what you want, you can complete the game without it because it is not important things

    But there is a difference from the previous parts which I see very negative in my opinion, the syberia 3 became a game and adventures more than a game of puzzles, which relied heavily on him in the previous parts,

    So there are beautiful things that have been deleted from this part, they merge things together and make something new, as puzzles have become ridiculous and it is very easy to know solutions

    There is no more complexity that is already the basis of the game

    - The most hated thing in this part is the way to control the movement of the heroine, in the previous parts we move the mouse button and press twice and the heroine goes to the desired location, but in this part you have to move the button

    This is not a problem that moves the button, but the game player will find it difficult to determine the direction, you move to somewhere, then move the picture to another place to find that you have to change the button to another button, for example, you move in a place going from right to left and when moving Image

    You will find yourself being driven from the bottom to the top, and this is something very tired.

    - The expansion of the environment, the environment has become more expansive in some stages, it may be positive to expand the environment to find your freedom to travel in places discovered, but on the contrary, this was another negative in the game

    In my opinion, they tried to fill the gaps in the lack of puzzles in expanding the space. The big mystery is where I will go and where I will find the place where I have to find the puzzle.


     Game we waited for more than 7 years You did not do anything new in terms of graphics,

    Only the game has become larger and the characters are closer than they looked in previous parts


     Sounds in the game a real farce, you will see the voices of characters inconsistent with them, you find an old woman over 60 years old voice as an 18-year-old girl

    As the movement of their lips do not correspond to what they say (I do not know if they were or that my system was weak Haha)

    For the music they are beautiful and that's what I liked most

    Final Evaluation:

    - The story: Such games do not need a big story, but the third part looked like a game of adventures so it was better to give us a story bigger than just save 7/10

    Style of play: As I said earlier, the game lost many of its previous features 7/10

     Instructions: 7/10

    Sounds: 6/10

    Conclusion and opinion in the game

    In fact, this part has disappointed me a bit, but I'm still better than the previous parts, but as a lover of the series I say that you should try the game and discover it yourself

    The puzzles still exist, but not as much as before.

    Rate this article Simple review of syberia 3

    (4.2/5) 5 rates


    Good Article

    10 january 2020 22:40