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    Mrdox, 21 november 2017 15:01

    Simple Review Of |Sniper Elite 3|

    When the fighting is spread all over, and when you see blood flowing and running like valleys, you will realize that you are in a place that does not know the meaning of life, then you will find that there are only two solutions to the influence of the impasse,

    You will be killed, you will choose to survive, of course, you have a sniper of high-style, better selection of places of sniper and the dawn of the head of your enemy, you have one goal, one mission, but it is one of the most difficult tasks

    And dangerous as there is a bribe of the German Nazi army in the continent of Africa, how will infiltrate them and achieve your goal, especially in the hot climate currently experienced by the world (war p2)? .

    It will pass through several stages, there is the easy one and the other difficult, and sometimes you will have to kill your enemy close by treachery, and you choose to use the weapon that you see the most appropriate.

    All this and more in: Sniper Elite 3


    - The story of the game is simple and clear, as it happens in World War II, our hero Karl fair burne is a soldier from the Soviet army was tasked with bringing a rare Nazi weapon in the possession of the rival

    And the destruction of the plans of a German officer who has long been a source of fear and horror of the Soviets, and his assassination if the opportunity arises.

    Style Of Play

    - The style of play distinct in all respects, correct that the game is covered by the pattern of spy by infiltrating between enemies, it is a good point gave the game a character unique and distinct from the rest of the games.

     Enemies will not change with them a great effort to kill them, because most of the time you find them as a column without any movement, in a certain place for a long time, which is back to you positively, and barely easy way to kill,


    The enemy also has difficulty hearing your voice, even if you are close to him, and in the case of disclosure to you will give you a deadline may decide to escape or confrontation, in general, the best part of this part is to enjoy the view


    The bullet penetrates the enemy's body. When you use the snipers to shoot it, the bullet will continue to follow accurately and it will tear the body.


    As for sounds, it gave the game a special sparkle. When you hear the sounds of wind and trees in the African desert, you will feel that you are definitely there, not in a game.


    Not to translate all the sounds into the English language supported in the rest of the games, the German army speaks in the mother tongue, it is sure it will be difficult to understand what is talking between them, but to form


    You will not talk to them completely, you came to your goal and you will leave after your inquiry with a cold blood, so as not to forget there voices footsteps foot heavily, through which the enemies can detect, so be careful you are going.

    My Opinion

    - Finally and the conclusion, the game, despite taking it to a point of assessment is difficult, weak compared to the rest of the games, have a special flavor advantage of the rest of the games of the same type, and lies in espionage


    And sequencing, it is strange and rare to find these points grouped in one game ..


    My brothers there is a new part coming this year God will be in Italy will win the admiration of the fans of the above section and may achieve sales in the level after issuance on most consoles,


    greetings to you all ;)


    Rate this article Simple Review Of |Sniper Elite 3|

    (4/5) 7 rates


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