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    (4.69/5) 13 rates
    MasterPiece, 11 february 2018 22:03

    Shakes & Fidget

    Shakes & Fidget is game for make long moment shorter. You can play it when you playing other game, because it's don't need permanent activity.

    Shakes & Fidget is RPG 2D online game in browser. Shakes and Fidget are names of 2 sellers. Shakes, the weapons and cloths seller and Fidget, Wizard and seller of "Magic" things like necklaces, ring and things like that. When you start the game, you will choose your gender and how your character will look. You can choose from: Human, Orc, Elf, Dark elf, Dwarf, Goblin, Gnome and Demon. Then you will choose your class, that will influence your weapons and cloths. You can choose from: Mage, Warrior and Scout. Warrior have weapons like swords, hammers or axes and shield. Mage have magic staffs and he is very strange. Scout have bows and crossbows and he can dodge. In game you will find tavern when you will get some quests. But you can't go to quests forever! You have 100 "Thirst for adventure", and every quest will take you some. From quests you will get money and experience for higher levels. Sometimes you can get items or mushrooms from quests. Mushrooms are rare payement that you can need for some items in shop of Shakes or Fidget. When you going on quests, it will take some time before you start fight. For get less waiting time, you can buy some Animal in Stable. In lvl.10 or more, you will get Dungeon key in tavern. If you can't take that quest because of you have 0 Thirst for adventure, you will get that key in Shakes (Weapon) shop. Another keys you will get in lvl. 20, 30, 40 and more. In that dungeons, you can get some items after winning battles. That items can be event EPIC! You can already fight with other players in Arena of find someone in Hall Of Fame. You can make Guild where you can invite friends and other players. In lvl. 70 or more, you can find witch by clicking on 1 of Fidgets book. I don't tell you wich, it's easy to find ;). In lvl. 100+, you can get key for WC in tavern. Yeah, seriously from WC. But it's not normal WC, I'ts magic WC! It can upgrade your items... When you have 0 thirst for adventure, you can go work in city guard. You can work for 1 - 10 hours and you will get money for it. Let's come back to Dungeons. In high level dungeon named "Tower", you will get 3 another heroes only for that dungeon. This heroes are: Barbaric Bert (The warrior), Magic Mark (Mage) and Clever Kunigunde (Scout). In "Tower" you will fight against 100 Very strange enemies. In weekends, there are some events like Epic weekend, Gold weekend and Experience weekend. In that weekends, you will get more things that name this weekend have. For example, in Gold weekend you will get more money from quests and city guard. In Experience weekend, you will get more experience from battles. And in EPIC weekend, you can have EPIC items in shops! Well, I think that that is all you need to know, so LET'S PLAY AND HAVE FUN! ;)

    Rate this article Shakes & Fidget

    (4.69/5) 13 rates


    Suggesting you to put images and try to make the texts more fancy instead of a "novel". That makes some readers feel very sleepy when they read your article.

    27 may 2019 17:55

    Why gamehag doesn't have offers and tasks for shakes and fidget?

    12 april 2020 14:29

    Hello guys is there anyone who plays shakes & fidget?

    12 april 2020 14:27


    19 february 2020 17:41

    So good

    8 september 2019 00:14