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    (4.29/5) 252 rates
    xd_FaZ3_PoLy, 18 july 2020 17:28

    Sea of Thieves: The Greatest Pirate Game Ever

    Many argue about what the best part of being a pirate is. Is it fighting other pirates with your trusty cutlass? Is it finding your way through ancient caverns by lamplight, digging up long-lost treasures? Or is it raising a frothing great tankard of grog when you live to tell the tale? Well in this game, it's all of them.

    Sea of Thieves is a great game that's even greater with friends, from fighting hoards of cursed skeleton pirates to digging for treasure chests that contain a pile of gold, this game has it all. If you're looking for a game that captures the fun and excitement of being a pirate from long ago. You have a choice of three ships, a sloop (Recommended for 2 players [sometimes 1]), a brigantine (Recommended for 3 players), and a galleon (Recommended for 4 players), and two crew types, open and closed. As if that wasn't already pretty exciting, this game is open world with open multiplayer, meaning that you can meet other players in other crews while you're on your adventures, and to make it even better, there's proximity chat (you can speak to other crews if you're close enough).

    This game is definitely better with people to play with, and even if your friends can't be those people, you can have a crew. You can either choose an open crew which will automatically matchmake you, or you can join the official Sea of Thieves discord and ask for people to sail with. If you don't have a microphone to use for communication, you can simply use the text chat which can be accessed by pressing T (on PC) for custom chat and holding E (on PC at the time of writing) for quick chat so you can communicate in dangerous situations.

    For people who like a linear storyline to follow, there are the tall tales. There is the main storyline of the Shores of Gold and 2 side tales to do with the fearsome King Flameheart. And once you've completed all of them, you can go back and do them all again to get awesome cosmetics for your ship and character.

    For people who worry about money, there is no pay to win in this game, and while there are micro-transactions, the in-game currency you can buy with real money can also be earned by killing Ancient Skeletons. The game is also extremely repayable, with almost monthly updates and a set of quests know as Bilge Rat adventures. These include hunting Megaladons and Krakens.

    While you're not off fighting with other players to take their loot, you'll be mainly occupied by the 3 main trading companies which will require you to collect a large range of items in order to level up. These companies are the Gold Hoarders who seek the many chests buried through the land, the Order of Souls who seek the skulls of cursed captains, and the Merchant Alliance, who seek a variety of strange and exotic objects. One you've reached level 50 in all 3 companies, you will achieve pirate legend and discover the secret of Athena's Fortune.

    Ultimately, Sea of Thieves is a great game that I would recommend to just about anyone, especially people who have friends who will play with them. 

    Rate this article Sea of Thieves: The Greatest Pirate Game Ever

    (4.29/5) 252 rates


    price is little 2 mutch

    2 september 2020 10:01

    Can't wait to bought this game.

    22 april 2021 04:17

    no entiendo esto solo vengo por puntos Bv xd

    28 march 2021 23:45

    i must agree with author cuz this game has amazing gameplay with multiplayer
    that epik

    2 january 2021 04:54

    yes game is good.
    gameplay is ok.
    and nic article.
    enjoy playing game.

    2 september 2020 10:00

    OMG this game is good I really love it and I'm so grateful for playing it all day!!!!!! ????????????????????????

    5 august 2020 14:33

    yes i like that.and im hopfully your like that

    22 july 2020 23:47

    Хорошо, если вам понравится ваш собственный комментарий, я не знаю, смогу ли я. Самолайк - залог успеха !!

    1 september 2020 20:27

    I never played the game but i can try it and yes im here only for exp sorry .. i just wanna level up to level 3 so i can get robux

    29 november 2020 21:48

    The game itself is good but the price at the start (it was 70$) was too much. Thanks for writing

    26 july 2020 11:45