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    (4.67/5) 9 rates
    sozqq, 2 november 2018 12:01

    Review:Tesla vs Lovecraft

    Good games only require two things - a mechanic that is contagious in its simplicity and the general setting that the audience is currently accepting. As you probably suppose, Tesla vs Lovecraft can boast of both items. This is a dynamic twin-stick shooter in which you are in the role of Nikola Tesla, who is armed with an impressive technological arsenal, and fight against the monster about which was written by Howard Philips Lavkraft.

    For players who are all clear when it is stated that this is the latest project of the 10tons Ltd study, or possibly after explaining that this is the work of the people who made the legendary Crimsonland and the excellent Neon Chrome.

    The action begins at the beginning of the twentieth century on one of the famous public presentations on which Nikola Tesla demonstrated before the people of his new technology. The incredible Lavkraft is on the scene, warning that evil is coming. Although the famous author is thrown out, he is not guilty, monsters driven by the will of old gods who are lurking from the depths are really beginning to appear on the streets. Tesla, guided by the maxim that science is not afraid of anything, takes the weapon into his hands and a teleporter's backpack on the back and moves into action.

    If you've ever spent a little time with a twin-stick shooter or, better yet, sometimes with a good old Crimsonland, you'll be able to see in a second how Tesla vs Lovecraft plays. You control your left hand by moving your character, while you are leading your target on the right and activate weapons by point and click the principle. Your conventional arsenal starts with a classic pistol, a revolver, a shotgun, and a Tommy-gun. Later, you will be able to unlock and weapons that fire lightning or in the name have the word, Gauss. In addition to weapons, you are collecting boxes with technological aids, which Tesla temporarily increases their offensive and defensive capabilities. In the first place is the reinforcement of the aforementioned ranch which allows teleportations. All that speeds up your movement on the screen while you are going to the torrents of your opponent will be a great help, so the use of teleporter is limited by three charges and a small cooldown to fill each one. You can also pick up shields or special weapons that wipe all around you in a cone or radial zone of action but have a very limited number of uses. What's best for everything, you can collect parts of Tesla's mech, a fighting exoskeleton with a rotating AutoCannon and strong armor, appropriately called The War Pigeon. 

    The mechanism for acquiring experience and unlocking perks is also analogous to the system that 10tons implemented in Crimsonland. Each eliminated creature has a full scale of experience, and with each level, you can pause the game and choose one of the three randomly offered wings that will keep you up to the end of the current level. When you move to the next, everything is reset. Banks are passive improvements, for example, more health, armor, faster movement, amplification or acceleration of weapons, and an extremely powerful elimination of cooldowns for a personal teleporter. 

    Tesla vs. Lovecraft is not a sophisticated game, this is a genius-simple twin-stick shooter with a great theme that you will be happy to return if you do not exactly perform, as the frequent multi-player toy sessions emphasize the innate repetition of mechanics. 

    Rate: 8/10

    Rate this article Review:Tesla vs Lovecraft

    (4.67/5) 9 rates


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