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    (4.5/5) 20 rates
    Gamer_run, 8 december 2018 19:17

    Review with Visty > Return of the Obra Dinn

    Return of the Obra Dinn


    Return of the Obra Dinn is a 6 hour first person game , with the help of an unparalleled idea and fantastic storytelling , among the finest titles of mystery. Do not make mistakes and think this title is like any other game you've ever experienced ; all elements of the game have been implemented creatively and created a amazing title. The title which , despite its small size, has a special beauty and easily attracts anyone who is interested in the Mystery genre.


    Producer: Lucas Pope



    In 1802 , a merchant ship , Obra Dinn , with 51 crew members and 9 passengers , began to move from London to the east. Months pass , but the ship is not seen on their destination in South Africa. Finally , in 1807 , Obra Dinn is found in the port city of Falmouth in the UK , but the ship is badly damaged , and neither crew nor passengers are inside it.

    The British Indian East India Company which insured this ship , sends one of its agents to Falmouth to check the status of the ship. As you have done , you are in the role of this insurance agent and it is your job to understand how Obra has come from the current situation.


    As I said , 60 people were in the ship , and you have to figure out what happened to these people , to die , to survive , to be lost , or to anything else … and for doing this game gives you some tools and information to make your choice. One of these tools is the Memento Mortem. The Memento Mortem is a pocket watch that lets you know the incidents that occurred when a person died. It's enough to find a body of a person and activate the watch ; when you turn on the watch , the black screen will be played and the conversations that the characters have had from a few seconds before the death and the death sense of the person will show to you which means the time will stop at the same time. You are allowed to search and review the environment as time has stopped.


    The game also lists the names of the ferry passengers and the image of them drawn before the trip  without identifying the name of each person in the image , and you must use the names and images and other information that was collected during the game to find out the name of each person and the cause of his death. In fact , to solve the game riddles , you should use Deductive Reasoning ; you must choose the answer you think is right with your reason and logic. The words that were exchanged between characters in the past and even their signs and movements can be a great guide for you. You should listen to all the talks , do not forget anything , and pay extra attention , the smallest detail can be a great help. It may be a little difficult for you to do , but remember that this is a different Mystery  game ; unlike many other titles , the rumors of Return of the Obra Dinn depend on your thinking and logic , and the beauty of the game is this point. This feature makes you feel good when you answer a question and also when you face a new question. This title is one of those games that really conveys a sense of being a detective.




    The game consists of eight chapters , all of them are followed by a special story. With each chapter and its mysteries, you will be one step closer to the end , and at the very least everything will be clear for you. Discovering the stories and mysteries of Obra Dinn is really enjoyable , and the more you advance , the more curiosity you get about these disastrous incidents. What happened here? Why has this person killed his friend? What did the crew of the ship argue with each other? These are questions that make you continue to play until you find their answer. Whenever you find the answer to a question , for example , you have noticed what the name of a person is or what happened to him , write it down in your notebook and continue to work. If you later feel that you have made a mistake , you can change the information in the notebook.


    And the interesting point is you must not experience the chapters respectively , it is you who decide to experience a chapter first or at the end …


    Graphic and Music


    Perhaps the first thing that attracted your attention is the strange graphics of the game. The maker has used a monochrome graphic style that makes the title look like old games. Sometimes the graphics may be annoying and you will not be able to see the images clearly , but choosing such a graphic for such a game is the right decision , because it increases the sense of mystery of the game environment and makes the atmosphere a bit more dreadful.

    In the case of music and sound , one has to say that enough effort has been made. The music is simple but capable of transferring the sense to the players. In addition , sound effects that you hear everywhere , such as the voice of the of the ship, whining , or sea waves make you anxious.


    Perhaps at first glance , you may not like Return of the Obra Dinn , but when you start playing , your mind is instantly changing ; in fact , the unique gameplay and charming story of the game change your mind. From the very early moments , you will see elements and features that are not seen in any other subject , or at least not so beautiful. And that's what Lucas Pope is capable of implementing the best possible ideas in his games.

    Rate this article Review with Visty > Return of the Obra Dinn

    (4.5/5) 20 rates



    9 december 2018 02:27

    great work

    14 december 2018 16:33

    didn't really understand what to do in this game at first xD

    19 july 2020 07:42

    Monochrome could be an eyesore though.

    9 december 2018 11:34

    I didn't play this game but it looks good

    10 december 2018 09:28

    Seems legit

    12 december 2018 18:18

    Like the concept of that memento mortem. Don't remember if I've experience it in movies.

    9 december 2018 11:14

    Good work!!

    9 december 2018 10:55

    Great game

    10 december 2018 20:12

    good job bro👌

    9 december 2018 15:22