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    (4.55/5) 62 rates
    Visty, 14 february 2019 18:48

    Review with Visty > My Memory of Us

    My Memory of Us


    This game is a two dimensional adventure style that portrays a war torn world of humans in the eyes of a boy and a girl who are close friends …


    Producer Studio: Juggler Games


    The story of "My Memory of Us" starts from the point where an adventurous girl went to the library of her city to buy a new book to read and she found an old book in the most hidden point of the library and went to the library curator to buy it who was a old man. The old man got shocked when he found out about the book which was chosen by the girl because the book was a collection of childhood memories of the old man which is accompanied by an intimate girl friend of his childhood. The time when the world was involved in war , and in spite of all the ugliness and dirt of war , the warm and beautiful friendship of this boy and girl ,  gave fresh impetus to the their city. Now , this old man is the only character in the game who speaks and wants to define all the memories for the girl (The customer). Memories are a collection of bitter moments and sweets that have been made with the friend of his childhood.


    Surely the most important part of the game "My Memory of Us" which makes it a valuable and influential experience , lies behind the narrative in its unique way. In the game no dialogues are expressed by characters , and we do not even see text conversations but the emotions and reactions of all characters are expressed in plain language by symbolic imaging , and they fully interpret the content that the story wants to narrate. The game in its every minutes , using the environment around the two main characters of the game to narrates the story , and this method is so impressive. So that artistic designers , with the help of simple spaces and understandable and completely simplified images and objects , have much more to narrate than characters.

    In a clever and effective manner , the enemy soldiers inside the game depict the appearance of iron robots , and with this way the game creators want to convey the hard and cruel , unrelieved form of war to the player. These robots by invading and controlling the city , mark a group of people in red , so that they can distinguish between different groups of people from each other , to separate them and to create divisions and chaos. Meanwhile we have the story of the little girl and the boy that even the war in the enormous size of the battle depicted in "My Memory of Us" can not hurt their relationship and distances them. The friendship of the two children is challenged when the robots marked the little girl in red and begin to distance themselves between the two friends but you as the player by controlling both characters , must confront the disruption of the two person relationship and protect them from the dangers of threatening friendship by solving various riddles and a variety of games.



    Each of the characters has unique features and tools that you need to use all of them to solve various challenges. For example …

    • The boy can walk slowly and using a mirror to reflect light in the eyes of people and blinds them.
    • The girl can run fast and also can use her archery to throw different stones.

    At any moment in the game you want , you can switch between these two characters and continue playing the game. You can also knock another one by pressing one key , and move another one by moving one of them. In general , gameplay can be greatly enjoyable and keep you entertained but unfortunately , due to the lack of combat challenges , in the long run , the player gets bored and will delay the game for another time. Even though the game is not so long and you can finish it for about 3 or 4 hours.


    The game "My Memory of Us" is developed using the Unity 5 engine , and thanks to its creative artistic designers , we have a very beautiful and atmospheric graphics. Game environments are generally based on gray color and are used the red color to draw attention to important objects. Therefore , the only colors we see in the game are the four colors of gray , black , red and white , which make the theme nice and attractive. In general , this game is one of the most valuable independent titles that you can experience when you do not have a particular game to play.

    Rate this article Review with Visty > My Memory of Us

    (4.55/5) 62 rates


    Good article very helpful.

    12 march 2019 17:24

    looks good

    30 march 2019 20:32

    the game is good play it bro

    8 march 2019 02:58

    Nice work
    But the pictures are not displayed properly
    Keep going and improving

    16 february 2019 11:19

    Amazing review

    13 march 2019 10:09

    nice job on this article but still, you need better pics

    26 february 2019 18:28

    what the heck is this game i dont like dis game black and white i mean who play's black and white...

    3 march 2019 12:00

    good joob :)))

    6 april 2019 14:40

    Seems like great story

    31 march 2019 19:26

    not bad keep going bro

    25 march 2019 18:11