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    (4.5/5) 129 rates
    Visty, 6 march 2019 20:10

    Review with Visty > Lost Sphear

    Lost Sphear


    The Lost Sphear is a three dimensional game released by Tokyo RPG Factory Studio in adventure and role playing style in 2017 & 2018 (worldwide release) for all platforms.


    The main story is about filling the empty space of events and memories of the past. The main character is a young sword man named Kanata. One day he and some of his friends decide to fish and leave their village before sunrise, a few hours later Kanata returns home and instead of a lovely little town, he faces nothing! To be What is meant here, this is exactly what it seems to be, a white and empty environment and not even a sign of death. Now Kanata has to deal with this situation while looking for his village.

    In order to combat the spread of white absurdity, Kanata has to refer to his mind and find these memories from different places, bringing them back to life one by one to fix his village once again but it is not so easy because there are so many evil enemies who will not let Kanata reach his goal.



    Gameplay and campaigns of this game are very good and the game makers have done a great job in this section. The fights are similar to other works of this genre and based on a rotational encounter with enemies but game makers have combine some of their genius ideas into the gameplay, giving the players the ability to move freely in the middle of the turn; So the victory in battle is not only based on the strength of each side and the proper use of personality features, it also based on the correct positioning on the battlefield and the exploitation of it. For example, in a situation when your character is so close to enemies, you can use a special feature which will target a group of close enemies and do more damage to them. But in open and big areas that have hills and bumpers, you can use the features that make a lot more damage to the enemies if you were in high place. Fortunately, the game is full of these fights and the variety of those will increase during the game …

    Another thing about gameplay is that all characters have a lot of capabilities and powers that at a single moment can only have a limited number of them, and therefore due to the tactical identity of the fights, choosing the right ones has a direct effect as a result of the confrontation. The combination of the powers will be so important during the vital stages and at these stages, winning the campaigns without the precise use of the full potential of the team is not possible.


    The completion of Lost Sphear's storyline alone is about 25-26 hours long but because of its very good gameplay and high content, it can be a fantastic role playing game, and a good experience for those who love playing this style of games.

    Rate this article Review with Visty > Lost Sphear

    (4.5/5) 129 rates



    8 march 2019 17:53

    nice job

    27 march 2019 05:35

    nicely done 👍

    6 march 2019 20:57


    9 may 2019 09:02

    great job

    8 march 2019 09:13

    Awesome. A bit short, but not bad. Keep up the good work.

    6 march 2019 20:55

    weird game good article ;)

    8 may 2019 01:30

    Awesome! Brief and concise

    6 march 2019 20:50

    Great job :D

    22 march 2019 06:18

    weird game good article ;)

    8 march 2019 08:42