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    Rate this article "Review with Visty > Guacamelee 2"

    (4.32/5) 117 rates
    Visty, 21 february 2019 21:09

    Review with Visty > Guacamelee 2

    Guacamelee 2


    The Guacamelee 2 is a two dimensional game released by Drink Box studio in adventure and battling style in 2018 for PCs and Playstation4.


    The story of Guacamelee 2 is just happening seven years after the events of the previous version. When Khoan (the main hero character of the game) reached his beloved , El Prazydent's daughter. He married her and has spent seven years of their common life and even he has two sons and two daughters. Khoan is no longer a prestigious and energetic hero like before , and in the early days of the game , we see a shattered version of him that seems to be tired of his life with his wife and children. But it doesn’t take so much time for Khoan , when he visits the city and enters the church , realizes the fierce noise outside the church and observes the sky of the city , filled with black portals that seem to have opened an evil world to their world. Then one of Khoan's old friends tells him and speaks of the catastrophe that is happening. According to his friend , Salvatore (the main antagonist of the Guacamelee 2) , He is seeking to collect three legendary objects in order to gain a great and infinite power by putting them together and using this power to get the control of the whole world , including the human world and the dead world. The main hero of the game who now realizes Salvatore's evil intentions , must stop him immediately before he destroys the world!



    The gameplay of Guacamelee 2 is so similar to the its previous version , with only some new elements and new combo added and the overall gameplay structure is the same as the first Guacamelee gameplay. With more advancements in the game and collecting coins , you can go to the game upgrade section and upgrade various features that are categorized into five columns. Features like grabbing enemies and throwing them in different directions and most importantly the Pollo ability. This is one of the more distinctive features of Guacamelee 2 ; The Pollo feature allows you to be in the form of a chicken and you can choose it instead of Khoan or any other characters that you can choose by visiting specific places. Perhaps this is a very ridiculous thing in the first glance , but just a few minutes playing the role of this chicken and using its unique features such as flying , licking on the ground and its special chicken move , makes you no longer want to be in the role of Khoan to play. Being a chicken also increases the speed of the gameplay and makes it more attractive. Another feature of the Guacamelee 2 game is the time lapse switching between the humans world and the dead world , which also changes the gameplay and its platform elements and makes the game more interesting.


    In general , Guacamelee 2 is another successful game by Drink Games studio which is a fun experience for speed gaming enthusiasts and if you like these style of games I recommend you to play this game and enjoy from playing it.

    Rate this article Review with Visty > Guacamelee 2

    (4.32/5) 117 rates


    the game is wonderful, you have to buy it because it is really fun

    14 february 2020 21:01

    great like sub ?:

    16 august 2019 17:51

    NICE ONE...

    23 august 2019 12:51

    Tis looks fun well done haha

    13 june 2019 12:05

    this is good article good game succesfuly game

    28 august 2019 18:48

    the game is wonderful, you have to buy it because it is really fun

    7 august 2019 16:14

    Really good and nice game

    18 march 2019 04:06

    Nice article Visty!

    3 june 2019 08:31

    Some grammar errors here and there but overall it's good.

    16 april 2019 14:16