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    Rate this article "Review with Visty > Dead Cells"

    (4.48/5) 153 rates
    Visty, 22 february 2019 18:45

    Review with Visty > Dead Cells

    Dead Cells


    The Dead Cells is a two dimensional game released by Motion Twin Studio in adventure and battling style in 2017 for all platforms. This game also won “The Best Action Game” prize in The Game Awards 2018.


    About the story I have to say that there is almost no story to explain. You are a creature at first , then you find a corpse and move into it so you have a body right now and you must fight against a cruel world to survive. Sometimes your character (who doesn’t even have a name) wants to explain to you about the story by reading some texts on the walls but still have no effect on your understanding of the story and what is happening around you.



    The gameplay is fast and action and also very addictive despite the simplicity of its appearance. Perhaps death in this game will not be enjoyable to you at all , but after every death , you want to continue playing and find a better way to survive. The stages of the game are designed randomly and depends on your luck , and the game stages will be completely changed after each death. Of course , this random style does not always work well and most of the time deliberately , the first path that you are going to end is a dead end path so you are forced to come back and go to second path to find the exit door.


    In addition to the stages which are totally random , everything you see in the game follows this rule. For example , the weapons you receive in the game and better to know it is not easy to get them. During the game and after killing the enemies , you have the opportunity of getting a blueprint of a new weapon but you have to wait until finding the way out so that the things you have got added to your collection. This includes the Cells used to buy weapons and other items. If you die in the middle of the stage , you do not own anything , and all your efforts will disappear. Cells are used to buy permanent weapons and items like the Flask of Health ...

    On the other hand , after each death you will start with a random weapon , and the main problem here is the most of the weapons are so weak although the variety of weapons are a lot. It is good to know each weapon has a special feature but against most of the enemies , they are useless. You may die several times , and each time because of your bad luck you have to start with the same weapon , if you have some luck with you , you can combine the properties of weapons to beat the enemies in an easy way. For example you have a grenade that freezes the enemies and you have a sword which does more damage to frozen enemies.


    The enemies of the game are so different and each stage has several unique enemies , each of them will react differently to you and for fighting them so you must do a special tactic and strategy. In general , this game is very attractive and exciting but also so difficult , if you like hard challenges and you really want a hard game to play , try this game.

    Rate this article Review with Visty > Dead Cells

    (4.48/5) 153 rates


    Good review, pictures aren't very good quality. Overall good article

    14 june 2019 02:46

    Thanks for your article

    11 june 2019 18:06

    It's quite challenging but a lot of fun!

    19 may 2019 22:22

    We'll see what it's all about

    3 june 2019 15:15

    Nice article,i don't know if i should try this game or not though

    17 november 2019 05:12

    I like the images and the informations are interesting good job keep it up

    6 june 2019 06:33

    This game seems low compared to other games.But I like this game is nice game.

    25 march 2019 17:09

    Really good pixel graphics

    3 march 2019 06:36

    Nice article great work.

    7 july 2021 18:25

    Good article, terrific game !

    15 march 2019 12:25