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    Rate this article "Review with Visty > Age of Mythology"

    (4.53/5) 45 rates
    Visty, 27 january 2019 14:19

    Review with Visty > Age of Mythology

    Important --> This article is not my work , my brother has written it all and I just helped him with it , improving some grammar mistakes and some words to become easier to understand ; he asked me to publish it in my account and I agreed , I hope you like the article :)

    Age of Mythology (AoM) is an old strategy video game developed by Ensemble studios. It was released on October 30 , 2002 in Europe.

    AoM is a game like the Age of Empires series , So the gameplay of this game is very similar to the Age of Empires game ; After the release , game has been sold over one million units so it's become a big success for Microsoft Game Studios (the publisher of the game) ; one year later AoM got a DLC known as Age of Mythology : The Titans , DLC Followed the story of main game after the END of the game.


    || The following Review has many spoils ||



    Story began with an attack from enemy of Atlantean , Atlantean admiral Arkantos arrived at Atlantis after several years of war to see his young son Kastor but Suddenly , the island got attacked by Krakens (sea monsters) and a group of pirates led by Kamos and now the story of a big adventure has begun.

    Arkantos (main hero) followed Kamos with helping of Ajax (a good hero) and after several fights and annihilation of Troy with Trojan Horse plan , they decided to go back to Atlantis.

    When they arrived , the port of Atlantis has been raided by bandits and they imprisoned Chiron (a good hero) ; After rescuing Chiron , he revealed that the leader of the bandits is a man named Kemsyt.

    With helping of Chiron , Arkantos and Ajax rescued other prisoners who were being forced to open an entrance to the underworld by Gargarensis (commander of both Kemsyt and Kamos) ; for releasing the God of titans (Kronos) from his prison in underworld.

    After Defeating Gargarensis in Greece , Gargarensis went to Egyptians for opening another gate of underworld. Arkantos and Ajax With helping of “Amanra” the leader of Egyptians group who was fighting Kemsyt , beated Gargarensis and the gate of underworld in Egypt was remained closed and one more time Gargarensis ran away to the North.


    Arkantos and Ajax and Amanra decided to follow Gargarensis to the North , but they be deceived by Loki (a bad God) and unpleasantly they started a war in the North. After sacrificing of Chiron who came to save other heroes , other ones ran away from hands of Gargarensis and Loki , and they became successful to close the gate of underworld in the North forever with the help of THOR's hammer ; And finally in the last fight in the North they killed Gargarensis.

    Arkantos and Ajax came back to Atlantis with the head of Gargarensis but in the END of trip , they recognize they have been tricked one more time from Loki! and Gargarensis is still alive and the last gate of underworld is in the Atlantis and all of these hiding and seeking are for distracting Arkantos from getting back to the Atlantis. with helping of North and Egypt units and Zeus (the lighting God) and the main character Arkantos , Gargarensis got killed and Atlantis got Drown forever.


    Gameplay & Graphics and Music

    Like many of strategy video games , Age of Mythology is about building towns and training your soldiers , but AoM has another feature too named Power of God , after upgrading each level , you will have a new Power of God , each Power of God can directly change result of the battles.

    There are four major resources in the Age of Mythology : food , wood , gold , and favor.

    The game doesn't have very good graphics but in the strategy video games , graphics is not really important so we can just ignore it.

    The official soundtrack was released on October 22 , 2002. Starting music of the game is very epic and exciting but in throughout the story there isn't so much good sounds but still acceptable.

    In the end , if you like strategy video games for fighting , building , managing your troops and creating your unique town ; you can play the Age of Mythology game and enjoy from it …

    Rate this article Review with Visty > Age of Mythology

    (4.53/5) 45 rates


    Lol Thanks Visty

    14 february 2019 09:35

    Graphics looks good than a 2002 title.

    28 january 2019 17:19

    good article

    7 february 2019 15:08

    good article

    3 february 2019 01:28

    It was a perfect game. I like the Mythology Titans edition, try it some time.

    28 january 2019 20:35

    Great work

    30 january 2019 07:32

    Proper indentation and longer paragraphs would do the trick. Great work though.

    28 january 2019 11:52

    AOM is a great game that you should definitely try

    29 january 2019 22:22

    Nice article!I will try the game

    30 january 2019 11:35

    age of mythology and age of empire are the best online strategy game

    30 january 2019 10:03