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    (5/5) 2 ratings
    Mrdox, 28 november 2017 13:43

    Review Snake Pass

    The British development team Sumo Digital has previously provided us with a number of games, perhaps the most famous series of racing games for the character of Sonic before moving to the production of platform games and the most famous was the third part of the series LittleBigPlanet 3 games for the Playstation and now back to us a new title completely and the deployment of the same team on digital stores In the name of Snake Pass where we are taking the adventure this time using the snake in a world full of colors.

    Snake Pass is a game of platforms and puzzles focused on these two elements at the expense of other elements such as the story and others and using the engine Unreal Engine 4 development and therefore get a distinctive fee for this game is a matter of total and overall the game itself on a technical level well in a world full of colors and beautiful details of personalities and world As for the game as a whole with good variety, the game may slow down the speed of the tires in some areas. As for the sounds, the game is enough to say that David Wise is one of the legends of industry in this area has worked on the game and offers us a set of very distinctive tunes.

    The rule of the snake is the right shoulder of the controller, while the button A raises the head of the snake. This is despite the fact that it is logical many times and the truth is that the snake is a snake. It makes you feel like you control a real snake but confused many times and whatever progressed the game you will find yourself experiencing something with control, especially with the camera, which you move a lot and at times difficult to ensure the movement of the snake as appropriate.

    You will play the stages of the game 15 and try to get the chips and jewels to progress more and here you create the game in a way forced you to solve the puzzles and move between the timber and platforms to access those loans and jewels and you must always remember that you snake there is no jump button here but you climb between the trees and branches and other The barriers to reach your goal and you always remember that one wrong movement may be the reason behind your fall and re-experience again you must be very careful your movement and your choice of the place of climbing and this makes you really feel the achievement especially in the advanced stages of the game when the receipt of loans and gems.

    The game is provided with 15 stages and there are treasures to collect in the stages and some of them will need a lot of skill, there is also another stage to challenge the time "is not available in the version of the Nintendo Switch, which we review and will be added with a later update," and otherwise there is nothing else provided by the game as you finish the stages and get all The treasures get everything in it which is good for the amount paid for the game and try the first development team to publish its own projects, Snake Pass offers a game of amusing platforms and different from the rest and this is what Mimizha already may see the game in the future part offers an experience with more.

    + A beautiful play style with a world full of color and a lot of challenge to get everything

    - Control of the game needs to get used to a lot of a few stages and some problems with the camera and the slowing of tires

    / Snake Pass provides us with a game of amusing platforms with a lot of elements and character character and play style is distinctive and need to be refined more times coming to be the best experience better

    Rate this article Review Snake Pass

    (5/5) 2 ratings



    17 june 2020 16:50

    nice one :)

    1 december 2017 00:07