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    MrRiddick, 7 march 2018 19:55

    Review: Past Cure

    Past Cure I personally waited. Even before the game has received numerous nominations and awards, including at the gamescom, the developers were talking about how they were inspired by a film by Christopher Nolan (Christopher Nolan) «Start» and action the quantum Break . And judging from the description, we almost waited for a new Max Payne - a thriller from a third party, a slowdown in time, a gloomy story, the protagonist, periodically running around his own subconscious and seizing the pain with colorful pills, the fatal beauty who came to us either to kill whether to save ... By God, it would be better to kill, and already at the very beginning!

    No, formally, practically all of their promises were fulfilled by the authors. The story here is really gloomy and intriguing - in places even more than. We're playing for a man named Ian, who seems to have been experimenting with something. Thanks to them, he received some supernatural powers, but they were paid for by constant nightmares and hallucinations. 

    But who he is, what kind of experiments they were, who conducted them and why, what is happening at all, we do not really understand this at the beginning of the passage or in the finale. Only from the description on the site and on the page on Steam you can find out that Ian is a former elite special forces officer who was stolen by some bearded Slavs and held for years in prison laboratories somewhere in Eastern Europe. Now he lives in his brother's apartment and wants revenge.

    This veil of mystery and mystery is good in games from Hideo Kojima , but this is clearly not the level, so after the credits it's not very desirable to guess and guess what it was, who this girl is Sofia, what the brother hides and why we are all pursued by some bald bearded uncle. And I want to remove and forget, like that terrible dream, which periodically fails Ian. 

    In general, it seems that the authors trite the author, forcing the intrigue for the sake of intrigue, and the final and completely merged - too, it turned out to be ridiculous, crumpled and clearly aimed at causing us the desire to wait and buy a sequel.
    I could have waited for a potential continuation, but I'm afraid that with such a quality of the game process, the second chance will no longer be with the developers - the banal is not enough money. Everything seems to be from the promised place too - and shooting, and hand-to-hand fighting, and stealth, and paranormal abilities with riddles, and elements of horror. But here's how it is implemented ... 

    In the real world, Iain mostly sits behind carefully placed shelters, shooting dumb, but accurate enemies in the mode of slowing down time - this is one of his two special abilities. In this case, no beautiful acrobatic jumps in the "sloumo" and maneuvering between slowly flying bullets, as was the case in Max Payne , is: banal slow down, stick out and gently aim the enemy at the head.

    Another skill protagonist, telekinesis, allows you to remotely turn off security cameras. This is important because often we are ordered to avoid being seen by anyone in the order. And in any case, it's better to try to sneak past, studying the routes of guards and quietly killing them one by one, than to participate in the local shooting range because of shelters - it's more annoying than exciting. Enemies, I repeat, stupid, shelter placed artlessly, and in our arsenal there are only four types of weapons - in general, all in the best traditions of average sad fighters from the middle of the zero ones.

    Particularly annoying when someone runs into us hand-to-hand. Firstly, wildly, that elite special forces, armed with "firearms", nightmares and telekinesis, someone generally tries to score with their fists. Secondly, during such fights Ian is forced to get up from behind the shelters, which makes him an excellent target for suspiciously accurate shooters. Most often in Past Cure, I died precisely because of this. Given that the "checkpoints" are sometimes located at a great distance from each other, you can imagine how it enrages.
    And it would be nice if these levels were some interesting and competently aligned. So no, almost all made by the method of "copy-paste". Run through four absolutely identical floors in an underground parking lot, half an hour in succession to sneak behind the same sofas and thumbs, for which the enemies will never, of course, guess to look? But. 

    Slightly better things are in the illusory world of nightmares and dreams, which often brings the main character. There begins a fairly intense horror, forcing under terrible sounds nervously to fire walking dummies killing with one blow, or to sneak past them when Ian is being taken away.

    In addition, the nightmares come across really interesting puzzles, which are something less trivial than just looking for codes to safes, as it does in the real world. For example, once you need to decide which of the manikins to release from the camera, so that he does not kill the hero, but, on the contrary, helped to pass on. 

    However, such situations are not as many as we would like, and they can not correct the overall impression of the game. And in general, the horror component could be worked out much better - if the authors focused on it, rather than have the same level of parking in parking lots with the shooting of computer bums running out of all the cracks.

    Telekinesis is rarely used, battles with "bosses" (which are exactly two for the whole game) look primitive. The only thing that really pleases - a good picture and well-delivered videos. But even there it is better not to peer into the faces of the characters - their animation sometimes scares away more than any Ian's nightmares ...


    Rate this article Review: Past Cure

    (0.00/5) 0 rates


    this game is hilarious

    10 march 2018 17:14

    This game is quite 30USD? well, that's kinda

    10 march 2018 16:22