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    (4.47/5) 17 rates
    sejozmaj, 19 april 2018 00:54

    Review of the game Far Cry 5

    It can not be said that the Far Cry series does not risk it. After the Stone Age in Primal, a five-year-old series moves into the heart of modern society - the United States, more precisely in the imaginary region of the Montana state. We can discuss whether this was a good franchise move that always took place on remote locations, but for many of us America is very exotic, so let's see how it was used as a playground for a new shootout from Ubisoft's workshop.

    Hope County is divided into three parts. North abounds in mountains, on the west are plains, and the eastern part is full of rivers. It is a natural oasis where the forest environment is waiting for you. Several significant locations are scattered on the map, but just as in the previous Far Cry games, there are no big cities or urban centers here. On the other hand, Far Cry in America is not unrecognizable different from what we played earlier. You can take it as good and as a bad thing, but I think fans will be happy that the series has not lost its identity for the rest.

    Far Cry 5 is not a game that can boast of a good story. And I do not think of a rich, deep story that will make you enter a study of theology or something. The least I expect from a story in this shooter is that there is a point after which I can tell how this virtual adventure was not a waste of time. Far Cry 5 has a phenomenal start, I'd say the best in the series, but later the story loses the lead and barely reaches the ending that is a bit insulting to the player. Unfortunately, Far Cry 5 joins Ubisoft's The Division, Ghost Recon Wildlands, where anti-climax in the end is the main feature.

    If we are honest, Far Cry is far better known for his gameplay than for the story, so it's good news he still keeps it good. The formula is largely the same with little sneaking and hunting, and then igniting and burning when it is given a chance. This time you do not have to climb the towers, but the structure is still such that you must free the bases from the enemy. The advancement is a little different and takes place by raising the resistance to the cult. After solving the main missions you get the so-called. resistance level for a particular region, and when you fill it up, then there is a calculation with one of the three bosses.

    At first, you discover the world by exploring: drive from location to location, search every room and absorb information about the cult, the region, the local population, amds similiar stuff. You need this approach because you do not have the money to buy the weapons that you would like, and often you happen to be without ammunition. I have to admit that I was really delighted in this endeavor and that I had sabotaged the cult in various imaginative ways - blocking them, ambushing, etc., improving my arsenal and killing me whenever I was given the chance to get some airborne. If you were after the first ten hours of playing asking me what I think about Far Cry 5 I would say that this is the most convincing part of the series.

    But just as with the story, later camme a cold shower. As soon as you get rid of the first region, you see that the remaining two have nothing to offer. While Ubisoft is trying to make different missions, if you do 30 different missions in one region, what are your chances of doing the same with 60 more missions? The chances are not great and Far Cry 5 becomes a game of accomplished tasks after the first third, cleaning another camp, leaving ten rooms, saving twenty civilians, destroying thirty trucks / helicopters / ships / something. So to the very end.

    The unmistakable element Far Cry 5 is reserved for Arcade mode in which you can play a bunch of free missions. You can also access this mode from the main campaign, and you can also get points to unlock new skills of your character by playing. Missions and levels in Arcade mode are made by players themselves, so there is everything and everything, especially since the leaves can also use materials from other Ubisoft games. This can lead to different surprises, so you can play the level at which you are moving around the city (something you will not see in the main campaign), and you're ganged by big gorilla bands (which you do not even see in the main campaign). This fanciful combination of community content with the mainstream campaign is something that Ubisoft needs to congratulate, so if I need to give you another advice for the better Far Cry 5 experience, then it's time to fall into arcade mode to break the repetition of the main campaign.

    However, if you've been enjoying the Far Cry games earlier, I do not see the reason to watch this American adventure skeptical. Given that this story does not have to be talked to you, you can find fun at every step on Friday, as well as enough content to let you get thirsty for grilling, shooting and burning.

    Rate this article Review of the game Far Cry 5

    (4.47/5) 17 rates


    me to i play more likely fortnite

    20 may 2018 02:55

    very good game

    28 april 2018 14:27

    No this is nothing for me maybe for others

    16 may 2018 14:34

    I like the game so very much but its very expensive. But idgaf about that its one of the best game ever

    5 may 2018 21:01

    way better then primal

    28 april 2018 13:47

    Looks good, but I've heard that the co-op is bad.Only the host can get new weapons.

    21 may 2018 19:29

    by any chance can we get this as a reward?

    7 may 2018 17:47

    i see lot of vdeos of far cry 5 this is awesome,

    11 july 2018 12:56

    It looks good.

    28 january 2019 23:56

    Getting tired of the same old sh*t with these games, especially considering the already abysmal story just keeps getting lamer. This game is sitting on my shelf, borrowed from a friend. I'll play it eventually...

    15 july 2018 10:06