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    (4.75/5) 12 rates
    sejozmaj, 18 april 2018 17:02

    Review of the game Dragon Ball FighterZ

    Dragon Ball series, many of us had the first touch with the Japanese culture of anime and mange. Whether you're grown up by watching it via a "satellite" or somewhat later on your local TV channel, Dragon Ball probably did a powerful blow to your boy's dreams and bet you've at least wanted Goku's strength or at least seven dragon balls to fill you one wish.

    When you realize that you won't be able to accomplish that  in your life, you have turned to the Dragon Ball video game to find a very good, but not the ultimate entertainment. But in the summer of 2017, Dragon Ball FighterZ, the first game that looks like the original anime series survived under your control

    Dragon Ball FighterZ is what the people say, a marriage in heaven. The product is the Arc System Works development team, the award-winning Guilty Gear and BlazBlue series, which has been working on Dragon Ball games on several occasions, but this is the first of these for home consoles. The developer in question likes two things:
    - hand-drawn 2D graphics
    - gameplay based on combo moves.

    This makes them an ideal candidate for making Dragon Ball games.

    As you can see in the enclosed materials, the Dragon Ball and Arc System Combat in FighterZ looks fabulous. I learned that the team from Arc System did animation attacks and movement characters in quite a few thumbnails per second, while everything else ranged in the set of 60 fps , which gives the impression of an animated cartoon without having a bad influence on performance and the fluidity of the fight.

    This fight in FighterZ is based on the six fighters' trials (three against three), with the ability to change characters in the middle of the fight. Thanks to a little thicker energy meter and three of the characters that need to be defeated, the length of the fight can be stretched for ten minutes and I realized that this is better suited for me than short matches, especially in online competitions. What I especially appreciate are short animations after one character is defeated, as this moment leaves you enough room for a small break and also moves from the dead angle in case you've been through the last fight there.

    FighterZ comes to meet new fighters on a number of occasions, primarily with the easy execution of the combo move with one button and those special finishes that can be easily overcome. Perhaps the biggest plus for beginners isthat schedule of attacks are literally identical  for all fighters, which will greatly facilitate the entry into the battle where you control the three characters alternately. This does not mean, of course, that all fighters have identical moves, but only by pressing the same keys in each of them.
    An attack will be performed by Goku in the special attack, Kamehameha will be produced, Beerus will surround the light balls that explode, and Ginyu can do his
    the famous attack of body replacement that knows how to reverse the fight by 180 degrees if the opponent did not practice with this character. Diversity is really felt with the fighters and you will certainly spend the days composing a perfect team.

    The game offers a really deep level of manipulation of the terrain, defense and counterattacks. In the event that your opponent is spamming with energy attacks, you can throw it out of a series with one combination and you can start a combo. Does the opponent hold the defense key permanently? You have no worries, carry out a combination of teleportation behind him or the capture that his guard will bring down. Each problem has its own solution, and success is only a matter of "reading" the opponent and the speed of reaction.

    As far as the modes are concerned, in the singleplayer section we have Story, Arcade and Training. The story revolves around the fight against the clones of popular fighters who started to create around the world, in which fingers have mysterious Android 21. Story mode in the navy can be great fun, especially with the interaction between different fighters before the fight that will draw a big smile on the faces of fans Dragon Ball. If you're not an exaggerated fan, you can fly through it in a few hours to clear the main bad guy.

    I have long since thought that none of the titles will overtake the Dragon Ball Budokai video game series, but FighterZ did it without spending too much energy. During the game, I felt for a while that the people who liked this genre, but also the Dragon Ball series, worked on the game, and sang him perhaps the most beautiful gaming of licensed titles. FighterZ will in the first place celebrate the graphics that at some moments looks more spectacular than the animated series. However, it's not all in appearance, so after jamming in the visual display you can still enjoy the gameplay through attacks that are available for beginners, but also flexible enough for masters over 9000. It can be said without a problem that the Dragon Ball FighterZ is the best that this genre currently has to offer and will surely be an indispensable member of the gaming party before the small screens.

    Rate this article Review of the game Dragon Ball FighterZ

    (4.75/5) 12 rates


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