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    (4.45/5) 51 rates
    MrRiddick, 8 march 2019 16:07

    Review: LEGO City Undercover

    After two years of "exile," Chase McCain returns to Lego City.

    If the plot is completely strange and you're wondering what I'm talking about, do not worry. Undercover is the "sequel" of the LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins released exclusively for Nintendo's 3DS. This Undercover for four years was Wii In exclusive and is one of the highest quality LEGO titles that the authors finally decided to play for other toys platforms. In addition to the graphics upscale and there is support for co-operative play by two human players (the other player may want to "enter" and "exit" from the session), Undercover is no different from the original. It's an identical game.

    Because of its structure, Undercover can call Grand Theft Auto for the (youngest) players. It's a sandbox game that takes place in a huge space where you can go rowing or driving some of the 100 different types of vehicles. Apart from being able to "knock" up with opponents, Chase also has a set of tugs that give him the advantage over criminals. Thus, for example, a hammock is used for indoor use, its scanner is an indispensable tool to detect hidden objects, while the badge and gun are pulled out of their pockets when it is necessary to stop traffic and "borrow" a means of transport to fight criminals. Chase can even disguise, which is one of his favorite activities. Expected, violence is minimized, and when it is on screen, it is usually a comic situation that is followed by falling dice. It should also be stressed that Chase is a positive "to touch"GTA. Because of these two things, but also of the accentuated humor, the game is also recommended for younger players.

    However, in Undercover you do not have complete freedom as in the GTA. This primarily applies to management, which is carried out with the help of the motion algorithm. For example, you can not influence the position of the camera (the mouse is not used at all), so the game is transformed from a third person perspective to the platform and vice versa. In some situations, this is extremely annoying, but you're getting used to it because it's one of the constants you can not really do anything to do. When we are already in control, it is one of the weakest links, given the number of buttons that need to be used, which are desperately dispersed. If you include another player in the full story, the entire experience turns into a nightmare. The cars are quite difficult to handle and are slow, so if you have played it before GTA this is going to make you nervous.

    The missions are overwhelming and so embarrassing to wait impatiently for the next one. What about the powers of clowns for bank robberies or thick thieves who jump on the building and want to shed their soul while you are throwing their throat around them. Chase is surrounded by a bunch of cute characters, most notably Frank Honey and Ellie Philips - a lady in charge of the ties, which sounds like a "vicious" accent as if she came from Louisiana. Even the less important characters are elaborated in detail and will tear you to tears with your handouts, outdated conclusions and procedures. LEGO games are also known for their high-quality humor, but Undercover's authors have overcome all previous achievements.

    LEGO City Undercover is a pleasure to play doesn't matter how old you are you will enjoy it for sure.

     My personal rate: 9 / 10

    Rate this article Review: LEGO City Undercover

    (4.45/5) 51 rates


    I want a this game on ios

    10 march 2019 10:25

    niceReally good game

    10 march 2019 00:43

    Good comentiary

    9 march 2019 17:10

    Very nice article. I love this game and I hope that you poast more articles.

    9 march 2019 18:12

    Really good game

    9 march 2019 22:17

    Nice game

    9 march 2019 21:37

    Nice game

    10 march 2019 10:10

    nice Game

    11 march 2019 15:47

    nice dude i never knew about this game im gonna check it out

    8 march 2019 17:54

    pretty article, nice job

    9 march 2019 17:06