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    (5/5) 1 rating
    MrRiddick, 27 february 2018 19:22

    Review: Gibbets 2

    Do you like simple arcades? Shoot the birds on the guinea pigs? Well, children's pranks! Cut the ropes with candy? How lovely! And what about the gallowsmen? The most real, doomed, silently waiting for their unenviable fate. That's really a "sweet" move on the part of developers. But most importantly, that you have the opportunity to save the lives of losers, do not understand how caught in the loop. And here's how you can do it - now we'll tell you. If anything, we are dealing with one of the most cynical games of this year, no less.

    Hum, that the most interesting, gameplay Gibbets 2 under the general scheme is very similar to that from Angry Birds . After all, here, as in the case with the phenomenon of Rovio , it is very important to be able to correctly aim and get. Of course, you need to make small corrections to the wind, take into account some external obstacles and draw some envelopes in your mind. And to shoot in Gibbets 2 , unfortunately, is not a hanging-out, but saving arrows.

    The beginning of each level, in essence, is the same. Here there are little suspended men. They do not even try to resist. All hopes are placed on the correct and very fast action of the player. Yes, there is a timer. More precisely, several - depending on the number of people sentenced. Strips of vital energy melt very quickly. The arrow hits the rope - the hanged man is saved. If a flying projectile hits the head or another part of the body, do not wait for superbones. Ideally, the passage of the location must end with the timely salvation of the dying and the collection of deserved stars. 

    There are also bonus missions where it is necessary to shoot even more sinister griffins in even greater haste, who dream of taking advantage of a freshly killed carrion.

    To find out how many levels there are, only the coolest will be. The right word, we appreciate a healthy sense of humor, but in the case of Gibbets 2, there was an obvious bust. Therefore, as to contemplate on the screen let and painted, but exhausted faces hanging - it's not as cool as it might seem. Forgive me, gentlemen developers, but the gameplay of this game is exclusively for the amateur. We somehow did not penetrate.

    Hanged ... hung everywhere! Shoot from the bow, save the lives of doomed men and try to imbue with the genius of the idea of Gibbets 2 .

    If you have some extra time this wouldn't be the worst game to spend it on.

    Good stuff about the game is: hanging can still be saved; the music is excellent. 
    But on the bad side : very idea of the game is very controversial; besides, she exhausts herself very quickly.

    And we have seen a lot of games like this one before..


    Rate this article Review: Gibbets 2

    (5/5) 1 rating


    we are dealing with one of the most cynical games of this year, no less.

    17 december 2019 04:13

    Great job on the article

    29 december 2019 12:59