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    (2.5/5) 2 ratings
    sozqq, 26 february 2018 18:39

    Review: Enemy Front

    After the relative success of the Sniper diary : Ghost Warrior, the Polish publishing house City Interactive is no longer the subject of ridicule and insult. Instead of a frank trash, it now produces medium-budget European shooters, which are called to act as a "warm-up" for the American.

    Enemy Front- a kind of hybrid early releases of Medal of Honor and Call of Duty with the aforementioned Sniper: Ghost Warrior and Sniper Elite . All the signs are in place. Caught on the margins of World War II, the player acts as a universal soldier: he shoots the Nazis, participates together with computer partners in assault and defense, mines armored vehicles and weapons stores.

    And then grabs the Faustpatron in his hands to beat the tank that arrived at the call of the scripts. Or sniper rifle - to cover allies from the roof and shoot enemy snipers. At the same time, particularly successful shots are accompanied by a slow shooting of an enemy bullet flying into the skull. Here, too, are mandatory exercises with machine guns and antiaircraft guns, from which it is necessary to shoot down German-fascist aircraft. There is also an acquaintance in the last series of Call of Duty storming of enclosed spaces, when the hero demolishes the door, rushes into the room, and then in spectacular "sloumo" shoots the taken-down enemies. 

    As in Sniper: Ghost Warrior, action and sniper joys alternate with stealth. On some fairly spacious levels, you can first examine the terrain through binoculars, mark enemies in this way, and then decide how to proceed: build Rambo and go ahead or turn around like a Sam Fisher, who squatters past the enemies, distracts them with throws and a stone quietly cuts one by one. There is an opportunity to take the enemy hostage, peeped at colleagues, and then mercilessly shoot him.
    All this is accompanied by attempts to create a dynamic story drama. Our hero, American journalist Roy Hawkins, goes from an extreme reporter who, for the sake of a loud article, personally takes part in military operations against the fascists, to one of the leaders of the Warsaw resistance. He saves French girls and Polish priests, arranges sabotage at a Norwegian factory, tells a severe Polish man about his past exploits. And even in conflict with a certain British commandos during another subversive operation. 

    It is clear that against the background of the last Call of Duty , Medal of Honor and Wolfenstein: The New Order, all this looks, let's say, somewhat primitive. Enemy Front lacks the same level of direction and design, and all these exercises with faustpatrons, antiaircraft guns, explosives and shooting enemies in rapid speeds cause a hiccup - well, really, how much can you repeat the same thing? It seems that some similar scenes are entirely taken from the early Call of Duty and the Medal of Honor . But they are delivered worse. 

    The work of a sniper, like ballistics, is realized more primitively than in Sniper: Ghost Warrior and Sniper Elite . Stealth looks like an optional application to the main action - it's usually easier and quicker to shoot all of them openly. And the search for secrets and accomplishment of side tasks such as salvation from the execution of resistance representatives are not motivated by anything intelligible.

    Another significant drawback of Enemy Front is the lack of the ability to use armored vehicles and transport. As a result, the player has to make long enough and boring races on the map for his own two.

    And yet, in anticipation of the release of other, more costly and effective shooters to kill the evening or two for Enemy Front can. At some point the game still manages to capture you with its scope and childish immediacy, with which the authors, frankly copying other people's ideas, try to make us beautiful and spectacular. Thanks to the CryEngine 3 engine, everything looks really nice. Yes, and the enemies give a light, even at an average level of complexity, so that a certain excitement here is felt.


    Rate this article Review: Enemy Front

    (2.5/5) 2 ratings


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