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    (5/5) 2 ratings
    sozqq, 18 february 2018 21:46

    Review: Doki Doki Literature Club !

    I did not play in any visual novella (and I'm proud!). Neither "Infinite Summer" , nor any "Gate of Stein"did not intrigue me enough to spend their lives on them. But Doki Doki Literature Club! forced to do it yourself: firstly, it runs through six hours, secondly, it flashed across YouTube with a wave of HYIP, comparable to some Five Nights at Freddy's , and thirdly, it appeared in the first commentary on the first issue "We missed it in vain . "

    Fans of Doki Dokiare extremely cautious and assure that the game "you can not know anything at all." You can not look for any information, you need to drop everything and immediately get acquainted with the best plot of 2017. And although I definitely do not agree with the last thesis, I decided to write about the game. At least - on request. As a maximum - Doki Doki with success can be the first and last visual novel in your life.

    I will reserve the right to non-critical spoilers from very simple considerations. Three categories of readers are now running through the text in this text. The first have not yet decided whether to play or not, and they need a big seed. The second game has already passed and spoilers will not suffer (although they can swear most). Still others will not play anyway and read the text for general development. For them, I even lean on a condensed retelling towards the end. But the most important thing that allows me to casually retell the contents of the game - not so scary "nya" as his kavayat.

    The game is distributed free of charge, in a shell of low-grade either hentajnoy, or simply romantic visual novella. An ordinary schoolboy, you find yourself in the harem of lovers of extracurricular literary criticism. You can read for every taste: an old friend, a melancholy model, a fighting loli and a classy president of the council. Everything, of course, is crazy about your person. 

    Me, a person who is familiar with the genre only from the simulator of meeting pigeons, was surprised by the almost total lack of interactivity: in 10-15 minutes, "dialogs" are not given any choice, mini-games, or even interactive elements on the screen. It's clear why in Japan, things like Final Fantasy and Persona with "Well Come" and "Mmmm ..." variants are considered role-playing games !

    The game mechanics are the same: after each school day you go home and write a poem. More precisely, click on the list of words, choosing those that are more suitable for your chosen today's passion. 

    Dialogs with all their strength try to "reveal the characters," which in this context means "to eclipse any living woman." In history, there is neither conflict nor obstacles - only an unceasing flirtation with girls, who with all their might play out the sweetest archetype. As it is easy to understand, the "Book Club" is not too interested in literary value.
    Nevertheless, the game can not be accused of lack of talent: it is really well spelled out. In any case, with knowledge of the matter. Thanks to Doki Doki for the fact that she puts a full picture of what is happening in these visual novels in 3-4 hours - this is exactly how much it is not a pity to spend on broadening your horizons. In a sense, I even realized why the genre is so popular in certain circles, and almost penetrated ... until I got to the first ending. Somewhat discouraging.

    After you finish a three-hour walk through a typical genre Kunstkammer, some mess begins. Something unexpected happens. It becomes clear that not all the features of the characters have played: there were certain inconsistencies and pitfalls in the behavior of girls. The Psychological horror tag on Steam takes over. The gameplay is not added at this moment, but the action becomes much more interesting and goes beyond the genre frames. In the next frame, I'll tell you in detail what exactly begins and ends.Returning to the original thesis - yes, we in vain missed the Doki Doki Literature Club! , but she still does not feel like singing the praises. Unfortunately, this is a game that fully worked only in the absence of the current aureole of mystery: for the first people who really looked for entertainment of a "special" genre, and then got a boot. 

    When you ask a friend a tricky question with a cunning face, he will never give an obvious answer, because the trick is felt in the fact of the matter. So here: the very fact that everyone advises not to learn anything about the game, already adjusts to certain expectations. And if you surprise an unprepared person "Literary Club" can, then it's not so easy to impress the one who tuned for the game.

    The first half of the passage was interesting to me exclusively as a person, with a culture unfamiliar. I'm afraid, if I were a fan of the genre, I would spend three hours of foreplay for nothing and without much interest. The second half is interesting, which you can recommend with all your strength. Do not expect a revolution from her - we've already seen these techniques. Everything is done qualitatively, the topic is not spent, which means that all fans of the new experience should take a closer look at the Doki Doki Literature Club!

    Rate:7 /10 

    Rate this article Review: Doki Doki Literature Club !

    (5/5) 2 ratings


    Monika iz da bezt

    24 february 2018 09:56


    22 february 2018 08:51

    good article about this game

    21 february 2018 17:44

    when i played it (also im new) on steam i did the just monika ending... but then i realized the talking was just infinite... so what was the point? i didn't really wanted to delete her... but then i had to... it was so freaking sad dude i almost cried... but then i have many other choices... and i got an idea for another just monika ending... like if you agree with me on something.

    21 october 2018 12:04

    we all love Monika,don't we?

    28 july 2018 19:30

    this article is for wiboo ?

    2 december 2019 09:05