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    (3.5/5) 2 ratings
    MrRiddick, 14 february 2018 18:31

    Review: Beast Bound

    Shareware-step-by-step RPGs are found on mobile platforms not as often as one would like. Beast Boundfills this gap. The game, incidentally, strongly resembles the Rainbow Moon , familiar to the owners of PS3 and Vita, - the same bright world, almost identical to the visual style, similar gameplay, although the latter was simplified for convenience.

    Travel around the island of Manaden begins with the creation of the hero, namely with the choice of his name and sex. "Customization" is not here - they do not even give a haircut, and there are no classes with the character's parameters. The game field is divided into squares, most of which are made with stones and trees, and on the rest are either gold coins, or chests, or monsters. 

    There are no limitations for the hero - he does not get tired of walking and does not spend energy, which is surprising for a shareware project. The character moves around the location and collects gold, and as soon as he approaches the enemy, the battle starts. What exactly influences the one who makes the move first is not entirely clear - at least from behind creep towards the monster, even in front, the game itself will decide everything. 

    Battles in the Beast Boundstep-by-step: first, one side attacks, then the other blows back. The attack is carried out by clicking on the selected opponent, and when you hit your character, you can click on it, activating the defense. Do this before each blow, which is not too difficult and not annoying. In principle, such a description is applicable to the entire combat system - although it is too simple and primitive, it does not get bored.

    From the opponents and chests are dropped various items, including materials for creating potions. Their cooking takes place in a separate workshop, for some reason littered with rubbish. Because of the disorder, there are no useful things to place there at first - there is room for a boiler, but for the furnace, anvil, forge and all the rest, you will have to spend a lot of gold coins. And not only pay the cost, but also give a large amount to clean empty boxes from under the pizza. 

    The cost of all this is really high - getting a dozen coins for the battle, you have to spend a thousand, or even more, on insignificant things. Although the "necessary" is not quite the right word - do not force it, just some actions will be simplified and speeded up.

    In addition, your workshop can be equipped with useless items that ennoble its decoration. Tables, chairs, stools, flowers - even less from them than in The Sims , and the choice is not so rich. We do not recommend spending on this gold, unless you stay in the Beast Bound for a long time and devote a lot of time to it. 
    And the probability that it will work out is quite high. For a shareware project, the game is done very qualitatively. The plot is "for a tick", but the characters and dialogues are excellent. Separate mention deserve the latter - they are full of jokes, including playing around the model of distribution of the game. When moving to a new location, you can find a creature resembling the spirit of a merchant with a large suitcase in his hands - it constantly insists that the player wants to see the advertisement, and then launches it. Yes, such a joke quickly bothers, but to know about advertising in advance is much better than unexpectedly contemplate it on the screen in the middle of the journey.

    Collected from chests and enemies, things will also come in handy for quests, for which they give out a lot of money. In addition, for such tasks the player is presented with experience, and over time the level of the character is increased, so new possibilities are unlocked. It does not do without mini-quests like "collect one hundred coins" or "kill a hundred enemies", which are often performed simply as they pass and also bring bonuses. 

    A notable problem with Beast Bound is the almost complete lack of training. The basic things are explained right away, but the player would have learned about them without help, but about the change of weapons and the use of collected things, almost nothing is said. The possibility to defend themselves is mentioned only after an hour of play, which is also strange - the potions by that time go far more than they could have.
    But if you understand the interface and come to terms with minor bugs, then from Beast Bound you can get a lot of fun. This is a worthy representative of a rare genre on mobile devices, although in reality we have an ordinary adventure with step-by-step battles and funny dialogues. In principle, in the absence of aggressive pumping out of money, nothing more is required from such a game. 

    Rate: 5/10

    Rate this article Review: Beast Bound

    (3.5/5) 2 ratings


    Good article

    22 december 2019 13:54